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rotundaThe Lawn. Photo by Lauren Akers (’14).

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    Research Town Hall – February 18, 2015

    Margaret Shupnik, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Research held a town hall for researchers on February 18, 2015.  After an short introduction by Dean Randy Canterbury, MD, Dr. Shupnik gave a presentation to over the 60 researchers gathered. Below is a link to the Research website where you can find the video/audio.  And below that is Dr. […]

    Word of the Week: SYZYGY

    Last week, a total lunar eclipse occurred. As it passed fully through the Earth’s shadow, the moon took on a dramatic, dusky red color. For us to see an eclipse from here on Earth, the Sun, Moon, and Earth need to be positioned in a straight line. When astronomers first took notice of fleeting linear […]

    Hack of a Good Idea!

    I have been inspired this week by the many conversations I’ve had about collaboratively innovating, creating and problem solving. At my Open House for the Licensing & Ventures Group, faculty, students and staff had an opportunity to share some really fascinating ideas and talk at length about advancing innovation. I’m very pleased that the Licensing […]

    Well done! And hoo-rah ray!

    At the recent State of the School we acknowledged the many faculty receiving awards for exemplary service and teaching. These awards are important: They indicate to all that we value and admire those who go above and beyond the norm and those who share their extraordinary talents and abilities with others. Congratulations to all for […]

    A Time for Action

    This time of year is marked by students of all ages realizing they are in the full swing of the school year. The planning for, and anticipation of, classes is long over and now the reality of being a student – reading, studying, rehearsing – sets in. And so it goes for so many things […]