Lannigan, Deborah A.

Deborah A. Lannigan

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor,


  • BS, Biochemistry, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
  • MSc, Biochemistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • PhD, Biophysics, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
  • Res Assoc, Molecular Endocrinology, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Contact Information


Research Interests

Kinases, Drugs and Mammary Gland Development

Research Description

The laboratory focuses on signaling pathways that are involved in mammary gland development, homeostasis, and breast cancer. By studying normal organogenesis and homeostasis it is possible to identify novel therapeutic opportunities as cancer cells frequently hijack the signaling pathways that regulate these processes. To facilitate our studies we are currently developing a novel model system for the study of human mammary development and breast cancer. Our overarching goal is to discover novel therapeutic targets and small molecule inhibitors that will impact the treatment of breast cancer.

We use a variety of techniques to address our biological questions, including high throughput screening for small molecule inhibitors, medicinal chemistry, proteomics, biochemistry, molecular biology, human tissue analysis, immunofluorescence and live-6D imaging.

Selected Publications