Williams, Mark B.

Mark B. Williams

Mark B. Williams

Primary Appointment

Professor, Radiology


  • BS, Physics, Grinnell College
  • MS, Physics, Wake Forest University
  • PhD, Physics, University of Virginia

Contact Information

409 Lane Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Telephone: 434-982-4422
Email: mbwilliams@virginia.edu

Research Interests

Design, Development and Optimization of Medical Imaging Technologies

Research Description

The general area of research in my lab is the design, development, and optimization

of medical imaging technologies. The following projects are underway:

1) Dual modality breast imaging: We are developing an integrated imaging system

that combines the sensitivity of digital mammography with the specificity of

scintimammography in a single compact, upright unit. The imaging system functions

by obtaining mirror-image x-ray transmission and gamma emission images concurrently

with the breast in a single configuration. Co-registration then correlates the

gamma and x-ray images to within a fraction of a pixel.

2) Molecular imaging system for small animal research: We are developing a

tomographic imaging system that permits simultaneous acquisition of high resolution

functional (SPECT) and structural (x-ray CT) images from mice and rats. The

resulting fused image correlates the radiotracer distribution with the morphological

information provided by the x-ray data. A similar 2-dimensional system is being

routinely utilized as a component of the Small Animal Multimodality Imaging

Center for mouse and rat studies in gene expression imaging, radiation oncology

and diagnostic radiology.

3) Evaluation of basic imaging properties of early commercial systems for digital

breast imaging. Characteristics being quantified include sensitivity, linearity,

spatial resolution, noise properties, and detective quantum efficiency. We are

working with a consortium of detector physicists located across North America

to develop uniform evaluation methods and to produce a combined data set.

Selected Publications