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Vision, History, & Administration of the School of Medicine and the University



Vision: Models for all of US History

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The University of Virginia School of Medicine has a long tradition of excellence in a highly collaborative atmosphere not only within the School, but also with the Health System, across Grounds with other schools, as well as throughout the Commonwealth with our sister universities and beyond.

We find innovative ways to improve health by resting on the firmest of foundations: the pyramid of education, research, patient care, and service to the community. The structure is so strong because each part of the pyramid contributes to the other: we teach students in the health professions at all levels—including our colleagues—and at the same time learn from all of them, making patient care better; we advance knowledge through research at the fundamental level and translate that research for the benefit of our patients; we treat each of our patients with compa

ssion and respect; and we not only make the community healthier, we also serve as volunteers and advisers to the Commonwealth and the nation.

We will create models in a number of areas such as translational research, superior patient service access and care, distributed networks serving patients at a distance, use of electronic data for the most effective and efficient care, optimal education based upon what the learner needs to know and how best to teach, as well as models for policy.

We at the University of Virginia School of Medicine will serve as a national model for excellence through innovation and collaboration. In the words of Thomas Jefferson about the University he founded: “A blessing to my state, and not unuseful to some others.”

Models for all of US

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History: The University of Virginia

uvaThomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819. He planned the curriculum, recruited the first faculty, and designed the academical village. Jefferson’s intent was for the publicly-supported school to develop a national character and stature. The University was an innovation because it was dedicated to educating leaders in practical affairs and public service rather than exclusively for professions in the classroom and pulpit. It was the first nonsectarian university in the United States and the first to use the elective course system.

The University opened for classes in 1825 with eight faculty and sixty-eight students. Jefferson took great pains to recruit the most highly qualified faculty, five of whom were found in England and three in the United States. Instruction was offered in ancient languages, modern languages, mathematics, moral philosophy, natural philosophy, chemistry, law, and medicine. The students came from the American South and West and were predominantly not Virginians.

Jefferson opposed the granting of degrees on the grounds that they were “artificial embellishments.” In 1824, however, the Board of Visitors authorized granting the master of arts degree. The M.D. degree was awarded to the first graduates of the School of Medicine in 1828, and the LL.B. was first awarded for law school graduates in 1842. The bachelor’s degree was awarded beginning in 1849, but became the standard undergraduate degree and a prerequisite for the master’s degree in 1899, bringing the University into conformity with other institutions of higher learning. The Ph.D. has been awarded since 1883.

For further details on the history of the University of Virginia, visit: Short History of U.Va.

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History: The School of Medicine

uvaThe School of Medicine, the tenth medical school to be established in the United States, was authorized by the University of Virginia Board of Visitors at its first meeting in 1819. The school was established as one of the University’s original eight in 1824, and opened in March 1825. The first degree offered at the University was that of the Doctor of Medicine in 1828. Doctor of Medicine degrees have been awarded annually since that time, except for the Civil War year 1862. The original faculty consisted of a single professor, Dr. Robley Dunglison, whom Jefferson recruited from London in 1824. Dunglison was the first full-time professor of medicine in the United States and a leader in medical education. Unlike most other medical schools of the time, the School of Medicine was an integral part of the University and its professors held full-time appointments. The first dean of the school was appointed in 1904 as “Dean of the Department of Medicine.” It was not until 1952 that the title of the dean became “Dean of the School of Medicine.”

Today the school flourishes with a dedicated faculty, an outstanding student body, a flexible and innovative curriculum, patient care of the highest quality, and biomedical research programs nationally recognized for their stature and productivity. To supplement their classroom work, medical students gain clinical experience at the University Medical Center and affiliated hospitals and private offices throughout Virginia. After graduation, interns and residents continue generalist and specialty training as housestaff in the best hospitals throughout the United States.


Students in Ph.D. programs earn their degrees through the University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Those in the M.D./Ph.D. Program earn both a medical degree and a doctorate in one of the biomedical science programs of the School of Medicine. Postdoctoral scholars study and conduct research in the laboratories of School of Medicine faculty members.

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Named Endowed Professorships

Endowed professorships serve as the highest distinction that the School of Medicine can bestow on its faculty. Through the creation of endowed professorships, benefactors partner with the academic leadership to attract and retain the most eminent physicians and scientists who advance the study and practice of medicine at the University of Virginia.The following endowed professorships serve as a critical foundation for the School of Medicine’s sustained excellence.


Year Established Chair Title, & Current Holder
1931 Walter Reed Professorship in Pathology – Dennis J. Templeton, MD, PhD
1954 Stephen H. Watts Professorship in Surgery – Bruce D. Schirmer, MD
1961 Alumni Professorship in Neurology – E. Clarke Haley Jr, MD
1962 Benjamin Armistead Shepherd Professorship in Pediatrics – James P. Nataro, MD, PhD, MBA
1966 Alumni Professorship in Psychiatric Medicine – Bankole A. Johnson, MD, PhD, DSc
Chester F. Carlson Professorship in Psychiatry – C. Bruce Greyson, MD
1969 Alumni Professorship in Neurosurgery – Jason P. Sheehan, MD, PhD
John Edward Fowler Professorship in Clinical Psychology – Jeffrey T. Barth, PhD
1971 Claude A. Jessup Professorship in Surgery – Reid B. Adams, MD
1973 Alfred R. Shands, Jr., Professorship in Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation – David R. Diduch, MD
1974 C. Bruce Morton Professorship in Surgery – John B. Hanks, MD
E. Cato Drash Professorship in Pulmonary Medicine – Jonathan D.Truwit, MD
1975 Wade Hampton Frost Professorship in Epidemiology – William A. Petri, Jr, MD, PhD
William Stamps Royster Professorship in Medical Sciences for Basic Cancer Research – Stacey E. Mills, MD
1976 Donald C. Barnes Professorship of Cardiology in Internal Medicine – Lawrence W. Gimple, MD
McLemore Birdsong Professorship in Pediatrics – Sharon L. Hostler, MD
John E. Cole Professorship in Urology – Stuart S. Howards, MD
G. Slaughter Fitz-Hugh Professorship in Otolaryngology – James F. Reibel, MD
Lillian T. Pratt Distinguished Professorship in Orthopaedic Surgery – Mark F. Abel, MD
Walter M. Seward Professorship in Family Medicine – Sim S. Galazka, MD
1977 Vernah Scott Moyston Professorship in Ophthalmology – Brian P. Conway, MD
1978 W. Norman Thornton, Jr., Professorship in Obstetrics & Gynecology – James E. Ferguson, II, MD, MBA
1980 Edward P. Cawley Professorship in Dermatology – Barbara B. Wilson, MD
James Carroll Flippin Professorship in Medical Science – Steven T. DeKosky, MD
Byrd S. Leavell Professorship in Internal Medicine – Michael E.Williams, MD
S. Hurt Watts Professorship in Surgery – Irving L. Kron, MD
1981 Oscar Swineford, Jr., Professorship in Allergy – Thomas A. E. Platts-Mills, MBBCh, PhD
1982 Robert M. Epstein Professorship in Anesthesiology – Zhiyi Zuo, MD, PhD
Harold Carron Professorship in Anesthesiology – Vesna Jevtovic-Todorovic, MD, PhD
Charles J. Frankel Professorship in Orthopaedics – Abhinav Chhabra, MD
Dupont Guerry, III, Professorship in Ophthalmology – Peter A. Netland, MD, PhD
Mary Anderson Harrison Professorship in Neurology – G. Frederick Wooten Jr, MD
Theodore E. Keats Professorship in Radiology – Alan H. Matsumoto, MD
William H. Muller, Jr., Professorship in Surgery – Gilbert R. Upchurch, Jr., MD
1983 Julian Ruffin Beckwith Professorship in Medicine – John P. DiMarco, MD, PhD
Harry Flood Byrd, Jr., Professorship in Biochemistry – Anindya Dutta, MD, PhD
Andrew D. Hart Professorship in Internal Medicine – John C. Marshall, MBChB, PhD
Eugene Meyer, III, Professorship in the Neurosciences – Jaideep Kapur, MD, PhD
Margaret M. Trolinger Professorship in Rheumatology – Shu Man Fu, MD, PhD
Marion McNulty Weaver & Malvin C. Weaver Professorship in Oncology –
Michael J. Weber, PhD
David C. Wilson Professorship in Psychiatry – Anita H. Clayton, MD
1985 David D. Stone Professorship in Internal Medicine – Carl L. Berg, MD
Stuart S. Richardson Professorship of Clinical Virology in Internal Medicine –
Frederick G. Hayden, MD
Mary Muilenburg Stamp Professorship in Orthopaedic Research – Gary Balian, PhD
1986 Harry T. Peters, Jr., Professorship in Internal Medicine – John T. Philbrick, MD
1987 Richard N. and Louise R. Crockett Professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology –
Susan C. Modesitt, MD
Paul Janssen Professorship in Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology –
Steven M. Cohn, MD
Edward W. & Betty Knight Scripps Professorship in Internal Medicine (Preventive
Cardiology) – Coleen McNamara, MD
1988 Milton T. Edgerton Professorship in Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery –
Raymond F. Morgan, MD
Joseph Helms Farrow Professorship in Surgical Oncology – Craig L. Slingluff, Jr., MD
John L. Guerrant Professorship in Internal Medicine – Paul M. Suratt, MD
Harrison Foundation Professorship in Neuroscience – Kevin S. Lee, PhD
Medical Alumni Professorship in Pediatrics – Frank T. Saulsbury, MD
Rick A. Moore Professorship in the School of Medicine – Kenneth E. Greer, MD
Harry T. Peters, Sr., Professorship in Internal Medicine – John B. Schorling, MD
1989 Beirne B. Carter Professorship in Immunology – Thomas J. Braciale, MD, PhD
Genentech Professorship in Pediatrics – William G. Wilson, MD
Thomas Harrison Hunter Professorship in International Medicine –
Richard L. Guerrant, MD
T. R. Johns II Professorship in Neurology – Lawrence H. Phillips II, MD
Myles H.Thaler Professorship in Medical Science – David M. Rekosh, PhD
George R. Minor Professorship in General Thoracic Surgery – David R. Jones, MD
David D. Weaver Professorship in Neurosurgery – Mark E. Shaffrey, MD
1990 Madge M. Jones Professorship in Diabetes – Eugene J. Barrett, MD, PhD
William S. Jordan, Jr., Professorship in Epidemiology in Internal Medicine –
Brian S. Wispelwey, MD
Richard F. Edlich Professorship in Biomedical Research – George T. Rodeheaver, PhD
Charles H. Ross, Jr., Professorship in Multiple Sclerosis –
Marie L. Hammarskjold, MD, PhD
1991 Claude Moore Professorship in Geriatrics – Diane G. Snustad, MD
1992 F. Palmer Weber Medical Research Professorship – J.Thomas Parsons, PhD
Robert M. Berne Professorship in Cardiovascular Research – Gary K. Owens, PhD
Norman J. Knorr Professorship in the School of Medicine – Felicia Gaskin, PhD
Jay Y. Gillenwater Professorship in Urology – Raymond A. Costabile, MD
1993 Harrison Medical Teaching Professorship – John D. Gazewood, MD, MSPH
Harrison Medical Teaching Professorship – Carl E. Creutz, PhD
Harrison Medical Teaching Professorship – George F. Rich, MD
Harrison Medical Teaching Professorship – Michael O. Thorner, MBBS, DSc
Lockhart B. McGuire Professorship in Internal Medicine – Robert S. Gibson, MD
Thomas E. Worrell, Jr., Professorship in Epileptology & Neurology –
Robert S. Rust Jr, MD
Emily Davie and Joseph S. Kornfeld Professorship in Biomedical Ethics –
Margaret E. Mohrmann, MD, PhD
1994 Hovey S. Dabney Eminent Scholars Professorship – C. D. Anthony Herndon, MD
1995 Louise Nerancy Professorship in Neurology – Daryl R. Gress, MD
Evelyn Troup Hobson Professorship in Health Evaluation Sciences –
William A. Knaus, MD
William Hobson Professorship in Information Sciences –
Ruth Gaare Bernheim, JD, MPH
James M. Moss Professorship in Diabetes – Anthony L. McCall, MD, PhD
1996 S.Ward Casscells Professorship in Orthopaedic Surgery – Mark D. Miller, MD
Becton Dickinson Professorship in Health Care Worker Safety –
Janine C. Jagger, PhD, MPH
1997 B.Lewis Barnett, Jr., Professorship in Family Medicine – David C. Slawson, MD
W. Gayle Crutchfield Professorship in Neurological Surgery –
Edward Hudson Oldfield, MD
Charles I. Fuller, Jr., Professorship in Neonatology – John Kattwinkel, MD
Wilford W. Spradlin Professorship in Psychiatric Medicine –
Randolph J. Canterbury, MD
1998 J. Francis Dammann Professorship in Pediatric Cardiology – G. Paul Matherne, MD
Bernard B. and Anne L. Brodie Teaching Professorship in General Internal Medicine –
Eugene C. Corbett Jr., MD
Gerald D. Aurbach Professonship in Endocrinology – Margaret A. Shupnik, PhD
Priscilla Bonner & Margerie B. Lowry Professorship in the Division of Personality
Studies – Jim B. Tucker, MD
Wyeth-Ayerst Professorship in Infectious Diseases – Barbara J. Mann, PhD
Robert W. Cantrell Professorship in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery –
Paul A. Levine, MD
Maurice L. LeBauer Professorship in Surgery – Bradley M. Rodgers, MD
Paul Mellon Professorship in Urology – William D. Steers, MD
1999 Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Professorship in Transplantation –
Kenneth L. Brayman, MD, PhD
2000 Edward W. Hook Distinguished Professorship in Internal Medicine –
Gerald R. Donowitz, MD
John W. Kluge Distinguished Professorship in Urology – Marguerite C. Lippert, MD
Robert J. Roberts Professorship in Pediatrics – Victoria F. Norwood, MD
2001 Wilhelm Professorship in Diseases of the Breast – Sarah J. Parsons, PhD
2002 Ruth E. Murdaugh Professorship in Family Practice – Susan M. Pollart, MD
Ruth Cancer Center Distinguished Professorship in the School of Medicine –
Mary J. Laughlin, MD
Bayer Corporation-Gerald L. Mandell Professorship in Internal Medicine –
William M. Scheld, MD
2003 Harrison Distinguished Professorship in Medicine – Robert M. Carey, MD
Cosmo A. DiFazio Professorship in Anesthesiology – John C. Rowlingson, MD
Ivy Foundation Distinguished Professorship in Pediatrics – Benjamin M. Gaston, MD
2004 Joseph and Frances Larner Professorship in Pharmacology – Douglas A. Bayliss, PhD
Charles E. Horton Professorship in International Plastic Surgery –
Thomas J. Gampper, MD
2005 John C. Buchanan Distinguished Professorship for Internal Medicine –
Mark D. Okusa, MD
George A. Beller, MD/Lantheus Medical Imaging Distinguished Professorship in
Cardiovascular Medicine – Brian H. Annex, MD
Andrew P. Somlyo Distinguished Professorship in Molecular Physiology –
Mark Yeager, MD, PhD
2006 Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship –
Patrick J. Concannon, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Eric R. Houpt, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Ian G. Macara, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship –
Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Karen C. Johnston, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Stephen S. Rich, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Ivan S. Login, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Roberto Ariel Gomez, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Barry M. Gumbiner, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Alan F. Horwitz, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Richard D. Pearson, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship –
Kodi S. Ravichandran, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – David Schiff, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Lukas K. Tamm, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Robert P. Wilder, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Ted Michael Burns, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Bradford B. Worrall, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship –
Christopher A. Moskaluk, MD, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Robert L. Cheavlier, MD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – John S. Lazo, PhD
Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professorship – Mark W. Anderson, MD
Edwin P. Lehman Professorship in Surgery – Kenneth J. Cherry, MD
Shure Professorship in Pediatric Neurology –
Howard P. Goodkin, MD, PhD
Robert M. Blizzard Professorship in Pediatric Endocrinology –
William L. Clarke, MD
Ivy Foundation Pratt Distinguished Professorship in Morphogenesis –
Douglas W. Desimone, PhD
Tussi and John Kluge Professorship in Palliative Care –
Daniel M. Becker, MD, MPH
2007 Lawrence W. Penniston, MD, Family Professorship in Women’s Oncology
Research – Paula M. Fracasso, MD
Dudley F. Rochester Professorship in Pulmonary and Critical Care
Medicine – Charles E. Rose, Jr., MD
Spencer P. Bass, MD, Twenty-First Century Professorship in Family
Medicine – M. Norman Oliver, MD
Jean and Ronald Butcher, MD, Eminent Scholars Professorship in
Neurology – Madaline E. Harrison, MD
Jean and Ronald Butcher, MD, Eminent Scholars Professorship in
Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry – Ming D. Li, PhD
2008 Albert M., Kate L., and Peter R. Kaplan Professorship in Cardiology –
Michael Ragosta, MD
2010 Frederic A. Berry, MD, Professorship in Pediatric Anesthesiology –
Victor C. Baum, MD

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Highlights of Faculty Achievements

Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences
Robert M. Berne, MD* (1979)
Richard J. Bonnie, LLB (1991)
Robert M. Carey, MD (1992)
James F. Childress, PhD (1998)
Robert M. Epstein, MD (1989)
Arthur Garson, Jr., MD, MPH (2007)
Richard L. Guerrant, MD (2003)
Ada Jacox, PhD, RN (1979)
William A. Knaus, MD (2000)
Joseph Larner, MD, PhD (2000)
Edward R. Laws, MD, FACS** (2004)
Cato T. Laurencin, MD, PhD** (2004)
Gerald L. Mandell, MD (2000)
Richard A. Merrill, LLB (1978)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
C. David Allis, MD** (2001)
Robert M. Berne, MD* (1995)
James F. Childress, PhD (1988)
Thomas H. Hunter* (1958)
Michael O.Thorner, MBBS, DSc (2000)

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Robert A. Bloodgood, PhD
Martha A. Carpenter, MD (Emeritus)
Don E. Detmer, MD
Brian R. Duling, PhD (Emeritus)
Anindya Dutta, PhDJoyce L. Hamlin, PhD
John L. Hudson, PhD
John S. Lazo, PhD
Gerald L. Mandell, MD
Zhifeng Shao, PhD

American Clinical and Climatological Association
George A. Beller, MD
W. Kline Bolton, MD, FACP
Robert M. Carey, MD
John S. Davis IV, MD
Robert S. Gibson, MD
Richard L. Guerrant, MD
Jack M. Gwaltney Jr., MD
Gerald L. Mandell, MD
John C. Marshall, MBChB, PhD
Dudley F. Rochester, MD
Richard J. Santen, MD
Edward Stemmler, MD
Robert Strieter, MD
Michael O.Thorner, MBBS, DSc
Munsey S.Wheby, MD (Emeritus)
Mark E. Williams, MD

Association of American Physicians
Eugene J. Barrett, MD, PhD
George A. Beller, MD
Robert M. Carey, MD
Fabio Cominelli, MD,PhD
John T. Dunn, MD
Shu-Man Fu, MD
Richard L. Guerrant, MD
Frederick G. Hayden, MD
Erik L. Hewlett, MD
Gerald L. Mandell, MD
John C. Marshall, MBChB, PhD
William A. Petri Jr., MD, PhD
Thomas A. Platts-Mills, MD, PhD
Dudley F. Rochester, MD
Richard J. Santen, MD
Michael O.Thorner, MBBS, DSc

The American Pediatric Society
Stephen M. Borowitz, MD
Robert Boyle, MD
Robert L. Chevalier, MD
William L. Clarke, MD
Leigh B. Grossman, MD
Gregory F. Hayden, MD
J. Owen Hendley, MDJohn Kattwinkel, MD (Emeritus)
Thaddeus E. Kelly, MD (Emeritus)
G. Paul Matherne, MD
Alan D. Rogol, MD
Frank T. Saulsbury, MD

American Society for Clinical Investigation
Eugene J. Barrett, MD
George A. Beller, MD
W. Kline Bolton, MD
Robert M. Carey, MD
Fabio Cominelli, MD
John P. DiMarco, MD
William S. Evans, MD
Shu-Man Fu, MD
R. Ariel Gomez, MD
Richard L. Guerrant, MD
Frederick G. Hayden, MDErik L. Hewlett, MD
Christopher M. Kramer, MD
John C. Marshall, MBChB, PhD
Richard D. Pearson, MD
William A. Petri Jr., MD, PhD
Richard J. Santen, MD
W. Michael Scheld, MD
Robert M. Strieter, MD
Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD
Michael O.Thorner, MBBS, DSc

American Surgical Association
Kenneth L. Brayman, MD
Kenneth J. Cherry, MD
John B. Hanks, MD
R. Scott Jones, MD
Irving L. Kron, MD
Eugene D. McGahren, MD*
Timothy L. Pruett, MD
Bradley M. Rodgers, MD
Bruce D. Schirmer, MD
Craig L. Slingluff, Jr., MD

(*member of American Pediatric Surgical Association)Stanton Nolan, MD (Emeritus)

Awards & Recognition

Association of American Medical Colleges

Abraham Flexner Award
Thomas H. Hunter, MD* (1988)

Distinguished Research Award
Joseph Larner, MD, PhD (1987)
C. David Allis, PhD (2001)

Albert Lasker Award
(for work performed at the School of Medicine)
Alfred G. Gilman, MD, PhD (1989)
Barry J. Marshall, MBBS (1995)
Ferid Murad, MD, PhD (1996)

General Clinical Research Centers Program Annual Award for Excellence in Clinical Research
Michael O. Thorner, MBBS, DSc (1995)
Johannes D. Veldhuis, MD (1998)

Dean’s Office & General Clinical Research Center Award for Meritorious Clinical Research Performed by a Resident
Tracey L. Krupski, MD (2000)
Julia W. MacRae, MD (2001)
Kevin Bauer, MD (2002)
Christopher T. Grubb, MD (2003)

Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award
Richard F. Edlich, MD (1989)
W. Michael Scheld, MD (1989)
James Q. Miller, MD (1990)
Leigh G. Donowitz, MD (1992)
Robert S. Gibson, MD (1996)
John Kattwinkel, MD (2008)

Virginia Outstanding Scientist Award
Michael O.Thorner, MBBS, DSc (1985)
Johannes D.Veldhuis, MD (1989)
Donald F. Hunt, PhD (1992)
John C. Herr, PhD (2000)

Virginia Life Achievement Award in Science
Robert M. Berne, MD* (1989)
Joseph Larner, MD, PhD (1992)

University of Virginia Thomas Jefferson Award (UVA’s highest award)
Henry B. Mulholland, MD* (1962)
Thomas H. Hunter, MD* (1970)
William H. Muller Jr., MD (1982)
Richard F. Edlich, MD, PhD (1990)
Edward W. Hook Jr., MD* (1996)
B. Lewis Barnett Jr., MD (1997)
Robert M. Carey, MD (2003)
Sharon L. Hostler, MD (2008)
J. Thomas Parsons, PhD (2009)



Organization Chart of the UVA School of Medicine

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