Chapter 4: Students

Medical Students Stats: Class of 2018


Applications: 4,804
Virginia Applications: 889
Out of State Applications: 3,915


Virginia Interviews: 145
Out of State Interviews: 480
Total: 625

Class Stats:

Virginians: 46%
Out of State: 54%
Women: 51%
Under Represented in Medicine: 28%
Md/PhD Students: 5%
Total Students: 156



Average MCAT Scores:

Biological Sciences: 11.93
Physical Sciences: 11.74
Verbal Reasoning: 10.81
Writing Sample: Q

Tuition and Fees:

Virginians: $47,118
Out of State: $57,726


Scholarships of the UVA School of Medicine


Unless otherwise specified, all scholarships listed are restricted to students who demonstrate need. Selection is made by the financial aid office. Application for need-based aid is all that is necessary in order to be considered for all of the need-based scholarships listed below.

Students who meet any of the additional restricted criteria listed should be sure to complete the optional information section of the financial aid application to assist the financial aid office in matching them to the appropriate scholarship.

Alley Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1959 by a generous gift from the estate of the late Grace Alley in memory of her brothers, Walter S. Alley and Charles C. Alley. Income from this bequest is used to provide a scholarship each year, preferably to a student from the Petersburg, Virginia, area.

Dr. Julian Ruffin Beckwith Scholarship Fund
Established in 1979 by the bequest of Miss Lucy M. Skeen in honor of Dr. Beckwith, formerly of our Department of Internal Medicine.

John David Ball Medical Scholarship
Established in 1997 by the estate of Frances Myers Ball of Charlottesville, Virginia, in memory of her son who died of a rare heart condition as a teenager.

Dr. Robert M. Blizzard Pediatrics Scholarship Fund
Established by gifts from friends of Dr. Robert Blizzard, former Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics. One scholarship is awarded annually to a student selected by the Pediatrics faculty.

Samuel E. Booker Student Aid Fund
Established in 1976 by the bequest of Mildred Earle Booker, Martinsville, Virginia, to assist needy students from Culpeper, Martinsville, and Henry County, Virginia.

Dr. Graham Clark Scholarship Fund
Established in 1967 by the bequest of Alice S. C. Merchant from Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Charles Granville Craddock Memorial Scholarship
Established by Dr. Craddock’s widow, Mrs. Hilah W. Craddock of Pacific Palisade, California in memory of her husband. Dr. Craddock was a 1944 graduate of the School of Medicine.

Dr. Charles L. Crockett Jr. Scholarship Fund
Established in 1980 by a gift of the Warren W. Hobbie Charitable Trust, Roanoke, Virginia. Scholarships are need based and are awarded with no restrictions as to race, sex or creed. Preference is given to individuals whose intent is to serve mankind through organized religion.

Dr. Charles Nuckols Davidson Scholarship Fund
Established by Dr. Davidson through the Medical Alumni Association. Scholarships are available to residents of the Greater Baltimore area of Maryland and the State of Virginia (with preference given to Buckingham County) who demonstrate financial need and have good academic records.

DeButts Scholarship Fund
Established by Dr. Richard E. DeButts for needy medical students. Funds administered through the Medical Alumni Association.

Philip Francis duPont Scholarships
Several are awarded each year. Amounts depend upon available funding. Established in 1928 by the generous bequest of Philip Francis duPont (Virginia, 1900). Generally awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence as well as financial need.

Pettus Gray Ellesor, M.D. and Janie Vance Ellesor Scholarship
The Ellesor Scholarship was established in June of 1999 by the generous bequest of an anonymous donor from South Carolina. According to the donor’s wishes, the scholarship is to be awarded to “exceptional medical students with outstanding scholastic records who are unable to finance their medical education.”

Lela Vardell Ellis Scholarship Fund
Established in 1968 by the generous gift of Mr. T. Kenneth Ellis of Hot Springs, Virginia, in memory of his wife.

Charles Magill Fauntleroy Scholarship
Established by the bequest of Charles Magill Fauntleroy. Individual scholarships are limited to $500 annually. Recipients must exhibit high standards of scholarship and honor.

Rosa S. and Clayton B. Ethridge, M.D. (’33) Memorial Scholarship
The scholarship fund was established initially in 1993 by a generous gift from Dr. Ethridge’s widow, Mrs. Rosa Sander Ethridge, to fund competitive scholarships to outstanding medical students. Additional funds were later provided under terms of Mrs. Ethridge’s will.

Albert R. and Louise C. Gillespie Endowed Scholarship
Established by the Gillespies in 1992 to provide scholarship support for medical students.

Alexander G. Gilliam Medical Scholarship
The fund was established in 1984 through the bequest of an anonymous donor. Scholarships are to be awarded on the basis of scholastic merit and financial need. Recipients, to be known as “Alexander G. Gilliam Scholars,” should be of high moral character and integrity.

Bertha and Samuel H. Goldfarb Scholarship Fund
Established in 1967 by a gift from Dr. Norman Goldfarb of Forest Hills, New York, to assist medical students.

Lomax Gwathmey Medical Student Aid Fund
Established in 1981 by a bequest of Lomax Gwathmey of Norfolk, Virginia.

William A. Herndon Scholarships
Established in 1911 by the bequest of Dr. Cumberland George Herndon, a graduate of the medical school, for the purpose of providing scholarship assistance to students who demonstrate financial need and intend to become physicians in the Armed Forces of the United States.

William R. Hill Scholarship
Established in 1997 by a gift to the School of Medicine from Dr. Hill’s widow, Mrs. William R. Hill of Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Hill was a 1934 graduate of the School of Medicine.

Katharine A. Howell Medical Scholarship
Established in 1991 by the Estate of Katharine Howell. Although from New Jersey, Ms. Howell developed a love for the state of Virginia during many summers spent in Goshen with her mother. She was a staunch supporter of medical education.

Robert P. and Caroline F. Irons Scholarship
The Irons Scholarship was established in 1993 by Robert P. Irons Sr., M.D., and his wife, of Lexington, Virginia. Dr. Irons, a scholarship recipient who graduated from the School of Medicine in 1945, practiced for over 40 years as a general surgeon. His wife, Caroline, earned a degree in medical technology at the University of Virginia. Students must demonstrate both financial need and academic promise to qualify for the Irons Scholarship.

Dr. Harold Maurice Jackson Medical Student Scholarship
Established in 1996 by the bequest of Mrs. Lela Moore Jackson in memory of her husband, a 1935 graduate of the School of Medicine. The scholarship is awarded every four years as a four-year merit scholarship to an entering student.

Leslie Jill Karp Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Leslie Jill Karp received her undergraduate degree in 1987 and her M.D. degree in 1991, both from the University of Virginia. She was completing her medical residency in Otolaryngology at the University of Connecticut when she was killed in a tragic automobile accident as she was driving home from the hospital. The Leslie Karp Scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. Donald Karp of Stamford Connecticut, as a tribute and memorial to their daughter.

Robert Gillis Kindred, M.D., Scholarship
Established as a memorial in 1989 by family, friends and the Medical School Class of 1948, of which Dr. Kindred was a member. Dr. Kindred, whose father was a professor at the medical school for many years, attended the University of Virginia as an undergraduate and as a medical student. Scholarship funding is administered by the University of Virginia Fund. Recipients are selected by the medical school.

Richard C. Lambert Memorial Medical Scholarship
Established in 1980 by James E. and Beverly Lambert of Portland, Oregon, in memory of their son. Dr. Richard Lambert was killed in a hiking accident two weeks following graduation from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. The Lamberts desired that the scholarship be awarded to a medical student who exhibits the same personal qualities attributed to their son by his classmates: absolute integrity, optimism, determination, sense of humor, and boundless joy in living.

Dr. J. W. Lawson and Margaret Urquhart Lawson Memorial Fund
Established in 1974 by a gift from the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pegram Warren in memory of Mrs. Warren’s father and mother.

St. George Tucker Lee, Jr. Medical Scholarship (’72)
Established by gifts from Dr. St. George Tucker Lee, Jr., a cardiologist from Newport News, Virginia. Dr. Lee received both his undergraduate and M.D. degrees from the University of Virginia. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated need.

William F. and Nina S. Logan Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1997 by the bequest of Dr. Myrtle Logan Pleune of Rochester, New York, in memory of her parents. Dr. Pleune was a 1943 graduate of the School of Medicine. Scholarships are awarded to medical students from Southwest Virginia–defined as Roanoke and west of Roanoke, with preference given to those intending to return to Southwest Virginia to practice.

Dr. Edward May Magruder Medical Scholarship
Established in honor of Dr. Magruder in 1927 by a gift from the American Clan Gregor Society.

Edwin S. Maynard Scholarships
Established in 1972 by the bequest of Catherine J. Maynard. Scholarships are restricted to upper-class students who demonstrate need.

Charles E. and Bernice G. McKay Medical School Scholarship
This endowed scholarship for medical students was established in March of 2000 by a generous gift from Charles E. McKay, M.D. and Bernice G. McKay of Huntington, West Virginia. Dr. McKay was a member of the School of Medicine Class of 1948.

Margaret D. McClung Medical Scholarship
Established in 1994 by the bequest of Mrs. McClung. Awards are restricted to medical students who intend to become generalist physicians.

Dr. Percy F. McMurdo Scholarship
Established by the estate of Dr. McMurdo, a graduate of the medical school, to aid worthy medical students.

George P. McNeill Jr. and Virginia J. McNeill Memorial Fund
Established in 1947 by a gift from the estate of the late Major George P. McNeill (Virginia, 1917), USA Medical Corps. No restrictions as to recipient.

Medical Class of 1956 Scholarship
Established in 1994 by generous gifts from class members. Awarded on the basis of merit and need.

Medical Class of 1970 Scholarship
This scholarship is funded through the generosity of members of the Medical Class of 1970. The first two four-year scholarships were awarded to students in the class entering the School of Medicine in 1999.

Medical Alumni Aid Fund
Established in 1975 by friends and alumni of the medical school, many of whom received financial assistance as medical students. Fund perpetuated by on-going contributions of alumni and friends.

Medical Class of 1966 Pullen Merit Scholarship
Established in 1993 by generous gifts from class members and friends in honor of Edwin W. Pullen, Ph.D., dedicated Professor of Anatomy and Dean of Admissions at the School of Medicine. Recipients are selected from the entering class by the Admissions Committee. No application is required.

Medical Class of 1967 Endowed Merit Scholarship
Established in 1993 by generous gifts from class members and friends. Recipients are selected from the entering class by the Admissions Committee. No application is required.

Eric J. and Effie Lu Miles Scholarship
Established in 1995 by the Eric J. and Effie Lu Miles Memorial Fund.

James L. Minor Scholarship
Established in 1939 by a bequest from Dr. James L. Minor of Memphis, Tennessee. Individual scholarships are limited to $350.

Frances Corbusier O’Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1997 by David S. O’Brien, M.D., of Annapolis, Maryland, in honor of his mother. Dr. O’Brien is a 1963 graduate of the School of Medicine.

Robert M. Payne Scholarship Fund
Established by the medical school Class of 1960 as a memorial to Robert Mercer Payne, a classmate who was killed in an accident prior to graduation. Recipients must reside in Virginia preferably in Stafford, Spotsylvania or King George Counties, and must demonstrate need. The Class of 1960 continues to make generous contributions to the fund.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Peirce Medical Scholarship
Established in 1995 by a cash bequest from the estate of Ruth H. Peirce.

The Anderson M. Renick, Jr., Scholarship Fund
Established in 1997 by the gift of Anderson M. Renick, Jr., M.D., of Lutherville, Maryland. Dr. Renick is a 1955 graduate of the School of Medicine. Scholarships from the Fund are to provide support to students documenting an interest in practicing family or internal medicine, preferably in rural communities.

Charles E. and Robin P. Rowe Scholarship
Established in 1997 by a gift from Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rowe, Jr. of High Point, North Carolina. Dr. Rowe is a 1965 graduate of the School of Medicine. Scholarship preference is given to students from Northumberland, Franklin, and Montgomery counties in Virginia.

Elizabeth W. and Lillie Ewart Russell Scholarship
Established in 1975 by the bequest of Mr. William B. Russell to provide funds to third and fourth year medical students who plan to practice in a rural community of the State of Virginia for three to five years after commencing the practice of medicine. Scholarships currently awarded to supplement support for Virginia Medical Scholarship recipients.

Dr. William Selden Memorial Scholarship
One scholarship limited to $500 annually. Funds provided through the Centennial Endowment Fund. Recipient must be recommended to the Rector and Visitors by the Dean of the School of Medicine.

C. Bascom Slemp Medical Scholarship
Gift from the C. Bascom Slemp Foundation. Scholarships to be awarded exclusively to students from Lee and Wise counties in Virginia.

Southern Medical Association Medical Student Scholarship Program
The SMA makes funding available annually to each medical school located within its territory for the purpose of providing scholarships to third-year students of superior abilities. Candidates must be recommended to the Association by the Dean of the medical school.

Stone Fellowship in Medicine
This scholarship fund was established by the generous gift of Ann M. (Mrs. Whitney) Stone of Charlottesville, VA.

Joseph M. and Kathleen C. Sturgill Scholarship
Established in 1997 by Dr. Benjamin C. Sturgill to honor his parents, this scholarship is awarded strictly on the basis of need.

Dr. Charles Robert Tatum Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1988 by the bequest of Mary O. Tatum as a memorial to her husband.

Theresa A. Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Scholarships are funded by a generous gift from the Theresa A. Thomas Memorial Foundation in 1988.

Theresa A. Thomas Memorial Foundation Primary Care Scholarship
Established in 1992 by the Theresa Thomas Memorial Foundation to provide scholarships to medical students pursuing careers in primary care medicine.

Theresa A. Thomas Memorial Foundation Generalist Scholars Program
One of three scholarship funds at the School of Medicine created through the generosity of the Theresa Thomas Memorial Foundation in Richmond, Virginia, this provides support for scholarships awarded to participants in the Generalist Scholars Program.

William Norman Thornton, Jr., Medical Scholarship
Established in 1998 by a generous gift from William N. Reingold, M.D. Dr. Reingold, a 1952 graduate of the School of Medicine who practices Obstetrics and Gynecology in Norfolk, Virginia, created the scholarship to honor Dr. Thornton as his mentor. Dr. Thornton received his undergraduate degree (1933) and his M.D. degree (1936) from the University of Virginia, where he chaired the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for twenty-nine years.

Elizabeth McClung White Medical Student Scholarship
Created in 1996 by the bequest of Elizabeth McClung White of Monterey, California. scholarships are to assist “needy and able medical students” who are of southern parentage and from one of the following states: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee.

Winn Scholarship Fund
Established in 1970 by the bequest of Lily S. Winn of Savannah, Georgia, in memory of her parents, Mary Montgomery Winn and Fleming Walthour Winn. The donor was especially interested in assisting students engaged in the study of Otolaryngology.

Ann and David Zipser Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1964 by gifts from the family and friends of the Zipsers. Recipients must demonstrate need.

Outside Scholarships
These scholarships are provided by sources outside the medical school. Application should be made as indicated.

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarships
The Uniformed Service Health Professions Revitalization Act of 1972 established 5,000 scholarships for students in the health services. This number has been divided between the Army, Navy and Air Force. An applicant selected for one of these highly competitive scholarships is commissioned a second lieutenant or ensign in the inactive reserve. While a student, a scholarship recipient receives full payment of tuition and fees, personal reimbursement for required books, instruments and supplies, and a monthly (taxable) stipend, except during an annual 45-day active duty tour during which salary is earned. The active duty tour is performed at a military hospital or other approved medical center, and can be arranged so as not to interrupt the student’s academic work. Scholarship recipients incur an obligation of one year of active commissioned service for each year or fraction of a year of program participation, with a minimum service obligation of two years.

You may obtain further information from the following web sites:

National Medical Fellowships
This non-profit organization provides need-based assistance to minority students in medicine. Applications may be obtained by writing to NMF, 254 West 31st Street, New York, NY 10001. Need analysis is required.

Florence Smith Medical Scholarships for Virginia Residents/Norfolk Foundation
A component trust of the Norfolk Foundation, established by Florence Smith of Norfolk, Virginia, provides scholarships for Virginia residents pursuing an M.D. degree at a Virginia medical school. Entering and enrolled students will be considered. Applicants must be residents of Virginia, demonstrate need for financial assistance, and must maintain satisfactory academic standing in medical school to qualify for annual renewal (maximum four years). Information and applications may be obtained from: The Norfolk Foundation Scholarship Administration, One Commercial Place, Suite 1410, Norfolk, VA, 23510-2113. Applications for the following academic year are accepted by the Foundation between December 1 and March 1.

Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia
For many years, the Society has made annual scholarships funds available to the School of Medicine. From the estate of Augustine J. Todd: One $2,000 scholarship in honor of Dr. Carrington Williams (M.D., 1913), and several $3,500 scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to students who have been residents of Virginia for at least five years and who are in good academic standing, are patriotic and in compliance with Selective Service registration requirements if applicable, and are law abiding and of good moral character. Positive consideration is given to applicants who demonstrate an interest in practicing rural medicine in the State of Virginia.

Joseph Collins Scholarships
One new applicant per year is nominated by the Medical School Financial Aid Office. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in cultural pursuits, be in the upper half of their class, and indicate an intent to specialize in Neurology, Psychiatry or General Practice. Preference is generally given to unmarried applicants under 30 years of age who reside within 200 miles of the medical school. Students who feel that they meet these eligibility criteria should contact the Financial Aid Office no later than February 1 prior to the academic year in which they wish to be considered.

Loan Funds
School-Administered Loans
Loans are interest-free during medical school enrollment and for the first six months following graduation or termination of studies. At the present time most school-administered loans carry a 7 percent simple annual interest rate with full repayment to be accomplished within a ten-year period following residency training.

AMA-ERF Loan Fund
Established in 1994 with funding raised by the American Medical Association Education and Research Foundation and the AMA Alliance, the fund provides interest-free loans, primarily to third and fourth year medical students.

An Anonymous Gift
Received in 1974 to aid female medical students whose intent is to enter into general medical practice.

Della C. and Hubert R. Donovan Loan Fund
Established in 1965 to aid students interested in cancer research.

Dr. Edward B. Holmes Student Loan Fund
Established in January 1962 with a gift of $1,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Grossman of Parkersburg, West Virginia. The principal is available on a revolving basis to worthy medical students regardless of race, color or religion. Awards are made by the Dean of the School of Medicine.

W. K. Kellogg Foundation Loan Fund
Established in 1942 by a gift of $10,000 from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan. Loans under this fund are limited to $250 per session.

Dr. James E. Kindred Memorial Fund
Established in 1974 in memory of Dr. James E. Kindred, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy, by his friends and colleagues.

Ferdinand G. Kumm Memorial Loan Fund
Established in 1962 by Miss Marguerite Kumm and Mr. Harold Kumm in memory of their father.

Sarah Louise Kienholz Kumm Memorial Loan Fund
Established in 1962 by Miss Marguerite Kumm and Mr. Harold Kumm in memory of their mother. Priority will be given to women students in the School of Medicine, but the fund may be used by men in the event it is not required by women students.

Archibald D. McMurdo Jr. Loan Fund
Established by Archie D. McMurdo, M.D. in memory of his son of Hepper, Oregon, and is used to aid medical students during their last two years of study.

Capt. C. E. and Mary K. McMurdo Loan Fund
Donated in 1962. It is interest free during an indefinite period.

George Palmer McNeill Jr. and Virginia Jackson McNeill Memorial Fund
Established in 1948 by a gift of $5,000 from the estate of the late Major George P. McNeill (Virginia, 1917), USA Medical Corps.

Francis Taliaferro Stribling Fund
Established in 1952 by the will of Louise M. Powell in memory of her grandfather. Income from this fund is used to provide interest-free loans to medical students.