Research Mission

Within Our Reach: Research Seeks New Treatments & Cures

research_missionThe University of Virginia School of Medicine’s cutting-edge research program is built on innovation and collaboration, bringing together basic and clinical scientists and spanning disciplines to pioneer the treatments and cures of tomorrow.

Scientific advances such as the molecular genetics revolution, human genome sequencing, advanced imaging techniques, and high-performance computing make it an exciting time to be engaged in the advanced research underway at UVA. Direct exposure to our collaborative research program provides aspiring physicians and scientists with the tools and skills to become the innovators of the future.

UVA’s research model is built around an exciting research training environment, spanning a spectrum of fundamental, translational, and clinical groups. Multidisciplinary teams of basic and clinical scientists are organized to answer some of the most difficult disease- and organ-based problems. This approach builds upon the strength of our basic science departments and the many areas of research excellence within our clinical departments.

Discoveries being made in our laboratories and clinics fuel an expansive translational research effort aimed at bridging the gap between bench and bedside. By translating promising laboratory and clinic findings rapidly into clinical applications, UVA is changing the way medicine is practiced in our Medical Center and beyond.