Core Modules

core modulesAcademic Health System Example Topics: UVA Health System (history, culture, governance, MOU, etc.); Academic Medicine (governmental, regulatory, compliance, accreditation, and administrative regulations, laws, and standards)

Financial Management Example Topics: Fund Accounting; Financial Reporting; Institutional Funding Plan; Procurement; Clinical Revenue Cycle; Financial Planning, Forecasting, & Budgeting; F&A

Human Resources Example Topics: Management Employee Relations; Employee Development; Employee Types and Classifications; Recruitment, Selection, Appointment, & Retention; Reward and Compensation Strategies; Leave Systems; Payroll

Information Management Example Topics: Data Access, Security & Confidentiality; Data and Decision Analysis; IT (capacity, sustainability, reliability, acquisition, maintenance, etc.); Records Retention & Management

aboutLeadership & Management Example Topics: Building effective teams and teamwork; Building relationships by communicating supportively; Empowering and delegating; Managing personal stress; Motivating others; Negotiation

Operations Example topics: Clinical Operations (patient care, revenue generation, etc.); Compliance; Audits; Academic Administration; Internal Controls; Environmental Health & Safety; Space Management

Professionalism Example Topics: COI; Ethics; Legal Affairs and Institutional Compliance; Lifelong Learning & Professional Development; Professional Organizations & Memberships; Standards & Codes of Conduct; Work/Life balance

Research & Sponsored Programs Example Topics: Proposal Development and; Clinical Trials; Fiscal Compliance; Time and Effort Certification; COI/Consulting; Export Control; Budget Development and Costing Basics