Letters of Recommendation

Please note that the University of Virginia School of Medicine only accepts letters of evaluation/recommendation through AMCAS. Letters of recommendation may not be mailed directly to the University of Virginia; all letters are required to be submitted to AMCAS. There are several mediums by which a letter writer can send your recommendation to AMCAS. Letters may be sent to AMCAS through veClient, Interfolio, and via the mail. In addition, letter writers who currently mail evaluations can opt to upload letters directly to AMCAS through the AMCAS Letter Writer Application. For full details as to how to utilize the AMCAS letters service, please visit the AAMC website by clicking here.

The School of Medicine prefers a premedical advisor evaluation, or if this service is not available, a minimum of two letters, preferably from science professors or the equivalent. You may also have individual letters sent to AMCAS in addition to a premed advising evaluation. While there is no limit to the number of letters you may submit, please keep in mind that it is better to have a few meaningful letters from individuals who know you well than to have a larger number of superficial letters of recommendation.

University of Virginia School of Medicine encourages applicants to submit letters of recommendation to AMCAS via electronic means, through a confidential credential file management service such as Interfolio or veClient. Submitting letters of recommendation electronically to AMCAS will result in faster processing of your application materials.

Application Waiver

Applicants who have been granted an AMCAS Fee Assistance Program Waiver will also be granted a Supplemental Application Fee Waiver. Fee wavers need to be submitted and approved by AMCAS before submitting supplemental applications in order for the fee waver to be processed in the UVA system.