Key Publications

Analytics in Adults

Blackburn, H. N., Clark, M. T., Moorman, J. R., Lake, D. E., & Calland, J. F. (2018). Identifying the low risk patient in surgical intensive and intermediate care units using continuous monitoring. Surgery, 163(4), 811–818.

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Analytics in Children

Kowalski, R. L., Lee, L., Spaeder, M. C., Moorman, J. R., & Keim-Malpass, J. (2021). Accuracy and monitoring of pediatric early warning score (PEWS) scores prior to emergent pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) transfer: retrospective analysis. JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting, 4(1), e25991.

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Analytics in Infants

Alonzo, C J, Nagraj, V. P., Zschaebitz, J. V., Lake, D. E., Moorman, J. R., & Spaeder, M. C. (2020). Blood pressure ranges via non-invasive and invasive monitoring techniques in premature neonates using high resolution physiologic data. J of neonatal-perinatal medicine, 13(3), 351–358.

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Equitable Analytics

Levinson, M. A., Niestroy, J., Al Manir, S., Fairchild, K., Lake, D. E., Moorman, J. R., & Clark, T. (2021). FAIRSCAPE: a framework for FAIR and reproducible biomedical analytics. Neuroinformatics

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Predictive analytics monitoring in infants

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