LSM 880

The LSM 880 is the newest confocal microscope from Zeiss in 2015.

This instrument is in MR4 room 5136.


  • 32 channel GaAsP detector array, which is best suited for spectral and multi-label imaging, especially for fluorophores with spectral overlap.
  • The cooled scanners provide scan speed of 13fps at 512x 512
  • 405, 458, 488, 514, 543, 561, 594, 633nm laser lines
  • Completely cooled Quasar Detector (ie: the Spectral GaAsP array) with supreme sensitivity
  • Definite focus designed to eliminate Z drift
  • Environmental chamber and heating stage for live cell imaging
  • Improved electronics give faster data handling


  • Simultaneous imaging and spectral separation up to 10 different dyes,
  • creation of high resolution 3D images over large tiled areas, or imaging of single molecules through fluorescence correlation techniques.