Olympus SZX12

This low magnification microscope is equipped with a Olympus DP70 digital camera (12 Megapixel; produces color images up to 4030 x 3070) connected to a computer with Photoshop and Image-Pro software available for image manipulation and analysis.

The instrument has several built in filters: FR (frosted/diffused filter) to evenly distribute illumination, LBD (Light Balanced Daylight) to adjust color temperature for color images, and ND25 (light intensity adjustment filter with 25% transmittance) to adjust brightness.  It has bright halogen illumination and auxiliary Fostec lights for transmitted light (brightfield), and is also capable of performing darkfield and fluorescence.  The instrument is equipped with an HBO lamp and dichroic filters for imaging DAPI, FITC and TRITC.

Objectives: The microscope is equipped with Plan Fluorite PF 0.5x and Plan Apochromat PF 1.2x lenses, as well as a 90x zoom.