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Medical Student Advocacy seeks to promote and support a welcoming and professional environment for students in the School of Medicine and associated educational and clinical settings.

We are available to hear reports of mistreatment.  These reports may involve sexism, racism, harassment, discrimination, verbal abuse, and other types of unprofessional behavior directed at students.

Medical students can make reports about mistreatment or unprofessional behavior in person, by phone or email.  Medical students can also make reports about mistreatment or unacceptable behaviors in person or by phone or email to the Office of Educational Affairs, through the Assistant Dean for Medical Education, Lesley Thomas, available at (434) 924-1864 or llt6p@virginia.edu.  Anonymous reports to the Office of Educational Affairs can be made using the Listening Post.

The University also has a web site for all students for reporting bias complaints: http://www.virginia.edu/justreportit/

Additionally, the University Ombuds, Brad Holland, holds weekly office hours within the Health System.  The services of the Ombuds are independent of the University administration and confidential to the extent permitted by law.  Note that the Ombuds must report sexual misconduct disclosures (Title IX).  For more information, visit http://eocr.virginia.edu/ombuds.