News article: Powerful Glow Lights the Way to Medical Breakthroughs

Thanks to Joshua Barney for this enthusiastic article written about Center for Membrane and Cell Physiology Professor, Huiwang Ai who is working on promising breakthroughs in bioluminescence technology. To read the article: 

ACS Toxicology Young Investigators Award

Dr. Huiwang Ai received the 2017 American Chemical Society Chemical Research in Toxicology Young Investigators Award for “applying innovative chemical technologies to the solution of important toxicology problems“. [Read more]

Superior Luciferase

Nature Methods: Our lab developed very bright and red-shifted luciferase-luciferin pairs, which improved bioluminescence measurements in vitro, in cello, and in vivo. The paper was published online on Sep. 4, 2017 and included in the Oct. issue of the Nature Methods journal. Yeh,  Ai*, et al., Nature Methods, Doi:10.1038/nmeth.4400. POWERFUL GLOW LIGHTS THE WAY TO MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS […]

Detecting thioredoxin

Nature Chemical Biology: A fluorescent biosensor to monitor thioredoxin (Trx) redox activity called TrxRFP1 was developed by genetically linking Trx1 to the redox-sensitive red fluorescent protein, rxRFP1. TrxRFP1 was used to detect redox dynamics induced by various chemicals, serum, or epidermal growth factor. Read the full paper in Nature Chemical Biology: doi:10.1038/nchembio.2417. Biosensors Light Up Cellular Signaling […]