Dr. Xinyu Li

Dr. Xinyu Li
Postdoctoral Researcher
Center for Membrane & Cell Physiology
Pinn 4017
Email: xl6bb@virginia.edu

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Virginia (2018.09 – present)

Nankai University, Ph.D. (2015.09-2018.06)

Major: Molecular biology and biochemistry


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enhances response of stress through promoting

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[2] X. Li, H. Wang, et.al, Exploring the effects and

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[3] X. Li, J. Ma, et.al, Puerarin and Amlodipine

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[4] X. Li, H. Yin, et.al, Inhibition of voltage-gated

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[5] X. Li, H. Wang, Topology dictates functional

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Crystengcomm. (Revised)

[6] G. Li, G. Hong, X. Li, et.al, Synthesis and activity

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[7] G. Li, X. Li, et.al, Novel Tacrine-Heterocycle Hybrids

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