Yu Pang

Yu Pang
Graduate Student
Pinn 4017
Email: yp5zr@virginia.edu


08.2018-Present, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

PhD student, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

08.2013-05.2016, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Master of Pharmaceutical Science, Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research                                                 

 09.2009-06.2013, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, CN

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy                                                                                        


Research Assistant, ALS center, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA               12.2016-05.2018

  • Generate C9orf72 nucleotide repeat expansion containing plasmids.
  • Transform Stbl 3 cells with repeat containing plasmids and digest purified DNA to release the repeat.
  • Analyze the repeat by agarose gel electrophoresis and sequence to determine the repeat size.

Research Associate, Critical Reagents, Novavax Incorporated, Gaithersburg, MD           06.2016-10.2016

  • Managed reagents inventory and distributed critical reagents and reference standard as requested for tests.
  • Purified anti-RSV IgG from animal serum via affinity chromatography (Protein A/G) on KTA Explorer/Avant system.
  • Performed immunoassays, including ELISA and Western blotting for antibodies to test their specificity and coverage following appropriate SOPs.

Discovery of Anti-Histone 3 Antibodies as Potential Biotherapeutics for COPD                09.2014-05.2016         

  • Mastered solid-phase panning of MorphoSys Ylanthia® phage display libraries against Histone 3.3 on 96-well high-binding plates.
  • Subcloned output to expression vector and selected positive candidates by Expression ELISA.
  • Achieved protein expression and purification via IMAC and SEC on KTA Explorer system.
  • Verified binding specificities of antibodies by ELISA and analyzed binding kinetics by biolayer interferometry (ForteBio system).

Solution-Phase Panning of Phage Display Library against Bioconjugated Target             02.2015-07.2015

  • Accomplished biotinylation of histone 3 and analyzed biotin incorporation by fluorescent assay and Bradford protein assay.
  • Panned phage display library against biotinylated-Histone 3 in solution using Streptavidin-coupled magnetic microbeads and conducted antibody expression ELISA to screen output after three rounds of panning.


  • Westergard, Thomas, Kevin McAvoy, Katelyn Russell, Xinmei Wen, Yu Pang, Brandie Morris, Piera Pasinelli, Davide Trotti, and Aaron Haeusler. “Repeat‐associated non‐AUG translation in C9orf72‐ALS/FTD is driven by neuronal excitation and stress.” EMBO molecular medicine11, no. 2 (2019).