Dr. Zhuoran Gong


Peking University                                                 Ph.D. (B.M.E.)              2017/09~ 2023/01

Beijing University of Chemical Technology      B.S. (Chemical Engineering)        2013/09~ 2017/07


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  • Gong ZR, Chen M, Ren QS, Yue XL, Dai ZF. Fibronectin-targeted dual-acting micelles for combination therapy of metastatic breast cancer. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 2020, 5.
  • Gong ZR, Zhang XT, Dai ZF. Progress of nanoparticles inhibiting tumor metastasis (in Chinese). Chin Sci Bull 2018, 63: 1482–1492.
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  • Zhang NS, Liang XL, Gao C, Gong ZR, Dai ZF, et al. Loading Lovastatin into Camptothecin-Floxuridine Conjugate Nanocapsules for Enhancing Anti-Metastatic Efficacy of Cocktail Chemotherapy on Triple-negative Breast Cancer. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018, 10, 29385-29397.