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Publications (2017-present)

43. L. Gao, X.F. Tan, S. Zhang, T. Wu, Z.M. Zhang, H-w. Ai, J. Song*, An intramolecular interaction of UHRF1 reveals dual control for its histone association, Structure, 2018,  accepted.

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For those who are interested in our new luciferase-luciferin systems (teLuc/DTZ and Antares2/DTZ), please request the plasmids from Addgene. Since DTZ is currently not available from commercial sources, you may contact Dr. Ai for a small sample. If you need more for your project, you may either synthesize DTZ on your own, or turn to one of these CRO companies, or establish a formal collaboration with us.

40. Y. Fan, M. Makar, M.X. Wang, and H-w. Ai*, Monitoring thioredoxin redox with a genetically encoded red fluorescent biosensorNat. Chem. Biol., 2017, 13: 1045-1052.