Resident of the Month – Dr. Dominic Jose

February 28, 2019 by

The Resident of the month for November 2019 is Dominic Jose, CA1, resident

Dominic was nominated from various sources, essentially all stating he is an overall fantastic team player. Here are some faculty comments about him:

“Dr. Jose is an excellent resident. He reads and prepares for cases and discusses plan with attending. He is enthusiastic and asks thoughtful questions to expand his knowledge base. He performs procedural skills at a level exceeding his level of training. He has an excellent bedside manner and communicates well with patients and staff. Keep up the great work!”

“Definitely at the top of his class, such an outstanding team player, always has a positive attitude. Dr. Jose will go VERY far not only as a resident, but as an attending if he continues on this path.”

“Diligent, conscientious patient care. Highly professional interactions with patients, families, and staff.”

“Dom is especially gifted at managing the patient in the OR, he “gets” anesthesia, and many of the skills seem to come naturally to him.”

“Dominic has a tremendously positive attitude and is fun to be on clinical assignments with during the work day. He is skilled and prepared for cases.”


Prior Resident of the Month 

Eryn Thiele, M.D. University of Colorado

The Resident of the month for October 2019 was Eryn Thiele, CA2 resident

Erin was nominated by one of our attendings, Dr. Amanda Kleiman. “Dr. Thiele stepped up to the plate, staying for an unexpected 24 hour OB shift to help out a colleague (despite having driven across the country the previous day when she missed her flight). Not only did she stay, she went above and beyond to help out the OR team. Pure dedication!”