Resident of the Month – Cameron Sumner

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The Resident of the month for June 2019 is Dr. Cameron Sumner.

Dr. Sumner CA1, was nominated by Dr. Jess Sheeran and Dr. Katie Forkin.

“Dr. Sheeran and I wanted to nominate Dr. Cameron Sumner for Resident of the Month. We both had very busy overnight calls last week and Dr. Sumner was the overnight OB resident. On both occasions, when we were busy in the OR and OB was quiet, Dr. Sumner came down to the ORs to help out. By helping get cases started, 1st call didn’t have to get call back in at 6am. He did so enthusiastically! on Dr. Sheeran’s 1st call, she had multiple within 1-hour cases posted and without being asked he jumped in to help everyone out and gave breaks to his colleagues. We both really appreciated his willingness to pitch in and help out – what a great team player!” – Dr. Forkin and Dr. Sheeran also added “I think the particularly amazing things about Cameron are how proactive he is about helping by doing above and beyond what is asked of him and how humble he is despite having very good background medical knowledge. He not only saved 3rd call from being called back from 3-6am, but went OR to OR putting in IV’s, helping chart during emergencies, giving breaks, etc. Such a team player!”






Prior Resident of the Month 

Tyler Johnson, M.D. Virginia Tech Carilion

The Resident of the month for May was Dr. Johnson, CA0/Intern

He earned this honor by receiving outstanding praise from physicians, nurses and patients while on 4West.

“There actually were 2-3 patients that commented on you – unsolicited. You have a gift to make patients feel comfortable and confident in you. Great job!” -Gorav Ailawadi, MD

“Mrs. Crowley  came in for her post-op visit Friday. I saw her with Dr. Ailawadi. She’s doing very well and I wanted you to know she sang praises about you. She said you put here so much at ease when she was having such a difficult time and feeling miserable. I promised her I would let you know that she was very grateful to you. Keep up the good work!” -Liz Hooper, RN









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