Resident of the Month – Emmad Kabil

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The Resident of the month for April 2019 is Dr. Emmad Kabil.

Dr. Kabil, CA1, was nominated by Dr. Lee Kassell, Director of PETC and numerous PETC nurses.

“Emmad is another one of those fantastic residents whom I could just leave to cover PETC with pretty much zero supervision.  He interacts with the nurses and surgical services effectively, warmly, professionally, with a mix of confidence and humility, and a sense of appropriate humor, in addition to having great judgement. You’ll get some emails from my nurses, I believe, singing his praises. He’s truly been fantastic. I was gone a lot while he was here and I heard no complaints from anyone – not from the surgeons, not from the nurses, not from Emmad…What a super competent individual. He was extremely laid back to work with, but at the same time, uber punctual and professional.” – Lee Kassell, MD

“I am a nurse who works in PETC and have had the privilege to work with Dr. Kabil over the last 3 weeks. I have worked in PETC for close to 4 years and have worked with many anesthesiology residents. Dr. Kabil is one of the exceptional ones. His knowledge base is obvious and exceptional, he is confident but humble at the same time, can make decisions and accepts the responsibility to do so, he is kind, organized, professional and we will miss him very much. I would not hesitate to have him as my anesthesiologist and in fact would feel lucky.” – Jean Wheeler, RN

“Dr. Emmad Kabil has been a valuable resource to the staff in PETC for the last three weeks. Not only is he knowledgeable, articulate, and clear in his understanding of anesthesia guidelines, he is kind, calm, respectful and willing to answer all questions. As a result of working with him, I have a deeper understanding of several guidelines that are often just rote action; his critical thinking is excellent. With the patients that come through our clinic he has been kind and unassuming, gaining their trust quickly. He is quick to express appreciation for the information that the nursing staff bring to him and quick to initiate communication with surgical teams when appropriate. I have enjoyed working with him and felt his strengths to be worthy of recognition. As a nurse for 20+years, it is exciting to see physicians of this caliber coming into medicine. I am sure he will be appreciated by his colleagues, now and in the future.” – Amy Cenoweth, RN

“He really bonded with PETC team. He has a very special charisma. He assumed responsibility for MD management issues very appropriately and communicated effectively as needed to us as well as clinics. Patients responded very well to his input/he was hands on; a great teacher, explained his rationale regarding decision making; patient and respectful towards the nurses and listened to our input. I would rate his presence in PETC as excellent and I appreciate the time he spent here.” – Becky Wolfe, RN






Prior Resident of the Month 

Liz Kim, M.D.
Georgetown University

The Residents of the month for March  were Dr. Kim and Dr. Leitner

They were nominated by the Regional Division for their hard work and exceptional clinical acumen.

“I wanted to call attention to the excellent performance by our two regional residents, Liz and Evan, last week. The two of them handled the entire regional service as both fellows were out of town and did an awesome job. This involved performing a huge number of blocks, prioritizing/timing throughout the day, and making the daily schedule (something they each took responsibility for without prompting).

Both rose to the challenge with ease and were poised, professional and cheerful throughout! Their hard work kept the service afloat last week and I wanted to make sure they were recognized for that. We are very lucky to have such talented and hardworking residents.

Evan Leitner, M.D.
University of Michigan

Awesome work guys!” – JFP and PEA








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