Resident of the Month – Dr. Evan DaBreo, CA1

February 26, 2020 by

The Resident of the month for August, 2020 is Dr. Evan DaBreo. He was nominated by two of his resident colleagues: Drs. Samantha Smith and Katherine Barefoot. It started as a KUDOS but morphed into a ROTM nomination.

“Katherine and I would like to give a “shout out” to Evan DaBreo, CA1, for his HARD work on his first week of OB anesthesia nights. He did 3 back-to-back emergent sections with multiple admissions and labor epidurals in between – and that was just one night! Katherine and I were on main OR nights during the same week and were called to help out on the 8th floor several times simply given the volume. Each time we came up, Evan was hard at work with a smile on his face and the most positive attitude in the midst of situations and a workload that would be stressful to even the most experienced provider. He delegated the work to us, was prepared and aware of new admits that had arrived while in the OR, and completed as many procedures as possible. Then, at the end of every shift, he called to tell us ‘thank you.’ We know it was a tough and busy week, but you got through it like a pro! Your hard work and awesome attitude did not go unnoticed. We are proud to call you our co-resident!”


Prior Resident of the Month 

Kathryn Black, M.D. 

The Resident of the month for July was Dr. Kathryn Black. She was nominated by a Nurse Practitioner in the TCV Surgery Unit. Here is some feedback she shared with Dr. Huffmyer:

“I just wanted to pass on kudos for Kathryn. I’ve only had the pleasure of working with her for three days as I was in clinic and then off on PTO. I am disappointed that I missed a month working with her. She has really impressed me in those three days so much that I wanted to provide positive feedback for her.

She has an amazing attitude and work ethic. As I’ve observed her teaching Everett our new intern; she is kind, considerate, positive and gracious. She allows him to ask questions and is very encouraging. Her spirit is beautiful and she is a pleasure to work with.

Today as a patient of hers had complications I listen to her give gentle explanations, reassure the family, and had an outstanding bedside manner. She allowed Everett to make choices and then would correct the choice if needed in a way that was not demeaning. As I stood by for support if needed she was not afraid to ask for feedback if she was not sure of the correct choice. She is the type of doctor that I would love to have care for me if ever needed.” – Rhoda Shulaw, NP, TCV Surgery