Resident of the Month – Dr. Samantha Smith

February 26, 2020 by

The Resident of the month for February 2020 was Samantha Smith, CA1 resident.

Dr. Smith was nominated by Dr. Alli Bechtel who submitted the following to our residency leadership:

“I would like to nominate Samantha Smith for Resident of the Month. She did a great job in the PACU and communicated professionally and timely with me about a complicated case. In addition, by reaching out preoperatively, we were able to get the patient in early on the morning of his surgery and the surgeon and I were both away well ahead of time so that we could plan accordingly including doing the surgery as MAC/Local rather than GA. It really helped to have Samantha in PETC to help with this challenging case.”The Resident of the month for February 2020 was Samantha Smith  CA1, resident


Prior Resident of the Month 

The Resident of the month for January 2020 was Chris Racine,  CA3 resident.

Dr. Racine was nominated by Dr. Aric Elmer:

Chris stayed about 2 hours past his call shift to assist me with placing bilateral sciatic catheters in a patient who had just undergone bilateral BKAs. He was not otherwise involved with the case yet he stayed anyway. Being that this was late in the evening we did not have nursing assistance. During the procedure we had to roll and clean the patient multiple times as he was stool incontinent. He never complained. He simply provided the best care he could for the patient while providing me with the help I needed to complete this procedure. I think that is admirable and deserved recognition.” -DAE