Professor Lynch retires

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Carl Lynch, III, came to UVA in 1978 for an internship and residency. He joined the department in 1981 as an assistant professor. He was in the UVA Anesthesiology Department for over 42 years including an internship and residency. Dr. Lynch will forever be remembered in the GU (Urology OR) and teaching the hundreds of residents over the years. He is a kind, brilliant and thoughtful physician. We have been so honored and lucky to learn from him these last four decades. In 2017, Dr. Rich, Chair of UVA Anesthesiology, dedicated an endowed Professorship to the Department in honor of Dr. Lynch’s career and service. Currently, Dr. Jacob Raphael is the Carl Lynch III Professor of Anesthesiology. Dr. Lynch will be missed as “a great human being and a living legend. An extraordinary educator who brought his mastery of physiology to life in the OR.”



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