Life in Charlottesville

Our Department and Fellowship program are strong enough to be a draw anywhere, but our location in Charlottesville is a definite bonus for quality of life.  If you love books, or bikes, or business–or any number of other things–this is a great place to be.

Hardly a week goes by without a Top Ten ranking on some scale. We were the happiest city in the country in 2014,  the healthiest in 2016, and one of the 10 hippest, too. The City maintains a whole webpage of recent awards and rankings extolling our virtues.  We’re smart, we’re cute, we’re a great college town, we love books, we grow businesses…and we invite you to come see for yourself.

Charlottesville is a small city, with only 40,000 people in the city itself, anchoring a metropolitan area of 200,000.  Our downtown pedestrian mall and thriving local arts scene give it a small town feel, while the variety and quality of offerings are typical of a much larger city. With walking trails, University and city bus systems, and designated bike paths, there’s easy access to work, recreation, and shopping.

Here are some links to help you start exploring the area–

  • Monticello Avenue hosts non-profit organizations and links to commercial organizations in a wide range of community resources.  It’s always a good place to start.
  • Local newspapers include UVA’s Cavalier Daily, the Charlottesville Daily Progress, and weekly arts and information paper C’Ville. C’Ville also publishes annual “best of” ratings
  • Word of Mouth is a School of Medicine faculty site with links to resources in the area.
  • The UVA School of Law has gathered a comprehensive list of resources and a guide to download.

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