A Day at the Outpatient Surgery Center

UVA Outpatient Surgery Center

UVA Ambulatory Anesthesia update provided by Kamilla Esfahani


Kamilla Esfahani, CA-2

The University of Virginia Outpatient Surgery Center is located in the Battle Building on West Main Street by “the Corner.” It is directly connected to the Main Hospital via a skybridge. It has twelve operating rooms and a two-phase post anesthesia care unit. Surgeons from several different specialties perform procedures at the center. Approximately half of all pediatric procedures are performed there.

The ambulatory rotation provides an exceptional view into the potential “private practice” anesthesiology work environment as well as a nice change of scenery from the Main Operating Room. The pace is much quicker, with rapid turnover and generally shorter surgeries in healthier patients. Because a good portion of the cases also involves pediatrics, we have a dedicated pediatric anesthesia rotation at the Battle building. We learn about the unique challenges of the ambulatory setting, including rapid and safe recovery for patients by managing pain and postoperative nausea and vomiting. We also rotate through the ambulatory center for regional anesthesia, where we perform all the blocks with a dedicated regional team. The types of anesthetic we provide range from monitored anesthesia care to general, with and without regional.

Attendings, residents and CRNAs share a large break room with computer and kitchen space between the preoperative area and the PACU. There we share a great spirit of camaraderie and also indulge in the many different types of food everyone brings – including plenty of home baked goods. With the change of scenery also comes the advantage of being close to the Corner, the heart of the university town where all the good food places are located. In the event we get relieved early from our duties, or the team just wants to enjoy a good lunch together, we simply walk across the street!