UVA Anesthesiology, and Office of Pain Management & Opioid Stewardship Oral Surgeon & Dentist Program

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UVA Anesthesiology Pain Management Division and OPMOS Oral Surgeons and Dentists Program Speaker Panel with Program Organizers

UVA Anesthesiology Pain Management Division and OPMOS Oral Surgeons & Dentists Program Speaker Panel with Program Organizers (l to r): Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad Chief Virginia Leavell, UVA Medical Student Christian Renwick, Dr. Andrew Mendelson, MD, Dr. Priyanka Singla, MD, Dr. Dania Chastain, PhD, Dr. Lynn Kohan, MD, Dr. Nate Tricker, DDS, and Wendy Carlton

The University of Virginia (UVA) Anesthesiology Department and the Office of Pain Management and Opioid Stewardship (OPMOS) hosted a program for Charlottesville Albemarle Oral Surgeons and Dentists on Thursday May 25th at the Doubletree Hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia. The program fulfilled the annual Opioid CME requirement for the over 60 local Oral Surgeons and Dentists in attendance.

The Panel of Speakers gave the following informative presentations and trainings:

  • Dr. Nate Tricker, DDS, presented “Prescribing Practices of General Dentists and Dental Specialists.”
  • Dr. Dania Cyd Chastain, PhD, spoke on “CDC New Opioid Prescribing Guidelines and the Impact on Your Practice,” as well as “Medication Safety and Responsibility.”
  • Dr. Andrew Mendelson, MD, gave a talk on “Conducting a Pain Evaluation: Assessment of Patient’s History Including Substance Abuse Utilizing the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).”
  • Dr. Lynn Kohan, MD, delivered a talk on “Treating Patients on a Chronic Pain Regimen,” which included the topics of treating patients with a history of substance abuse, treating patients on buprenorphine, and when to refer to a pain specialist.
  • Dr. Priyanka Singla, MD, addressed “Non-Opioid Interventions, Non-pharmacological interventions, When and how to prescribe opioids, and Tapering strategies.”
  • Dr. Christian Renwick, MD, covered “Warning Signs for Opioid Addiction in Healthcare Providers, and Taking Control of Your Wellness.”
  • Virginia Leavell, Chief of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad, presented “Narcan Training,” which certified participants in Narcan administration.

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