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The Antibody Engineering and Technology Core, formerly Lymphocyte Culture Center, has many years of experience producing monoclonal antibodies from murine lymphocyte-myeloma hybridomas. The main focus of the core is to produce high-affinity antibodies and provide techniques to engineer antibodies with similar functions.

The ABET core has a number of services to make renewable antibody reagents. In addition to the well known selection of hybridomas which produce antibodies of interest, ABET can design antibodies. As the result, ABET can make multivalent, chimeric, humanized and peptide-conjugated antibodies. The core will provide phage and yeast surface display in vitro selection services. ABET also assists investigators in validating their antibodies, now essential for publication of data and receiving new grants. The core assists investigators in planning their research to match experimental aims with available technology.

The Antibody Engineering and Technology (ABET) Core is a research core in the School of Medicine and is a core facility for the University of Virginia Cancer Center. Our services are available to all investigators at the University of Virginia as well as research institutions and biomedical companies outside the University community. Other institutions recognize the expertise of the core and ask for consultation on the operation and establishment of similar facilities.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: All investigators are asked to acknowledge the ABET in any publications citing hybridomas created or antibodies engineered and produced by our facility.  The ABET is supported by the University of Virginia School of Medicine.