Antibody Engineering and Technology Core (Closing June 30, 2019)

**Closing of the Antibody Engineering and Technology Core**

The Antibody Engineering and Technology  Core (formerly the Hybridoma Core) will be sunsetted over the next 4 months.  The core, in its various forms, has served university investigators for nearly 30 years supporting outstanding science and IP generation.  However, due to changing scientific demands from our investigators core operations are not sustainable and thus we must close by July 1st.

We will try to offer some limited  services for the next couple of months, such as antibody production from hybridomas.  Clients will be served on a first come first served basis.

We are in the process of receiving a list of cell lines from Licensing and Ventures as to what they wish to be preserved.  Those cells will move to a separate banking operation.  All other lines should be recovered by investigators for alternative banking sites.

Please contact Sallie Adams ( and Donna Adams ( at (434) 924-1913 for assistance in securing your cell lines.

Services Provided at AbET

The Antibody Engineering and Technology Core provides a variety of services including; antibody discovery, hybridoma sequencing, antibody humanization, antibody engineering, antibody characterization and validation, antibody production and purification, and reserve cryostorage.
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AbET (The Antibody Engineering and Technology) Core uses the following technologies: Combinatorial Antibody Libraries; Phage Display; Yeast Display; Antibody terminology; and background reading.
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Investigators are asked to acknowledge the AbET Core and support from the University Of Virginia School of Medicine in any publications citing hybridomas or antibodies engineered and produced, viral vector and protein expression and purification by the core.
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