The Antibody Engineering and Technology Core provides services for antibody discovery, antibody production, viral vectors and recombinant proteins. The Core is supported by the School of Medicine and is part of the Cancer Center. The core provides services to all investigators at the University of Virginia and is available to researchers elsewhere. Basic research, development of novel biomarkers, diagnostics and therapeutic development are some of the areas that use technologies and reagents from AbET Core.

The primary focus in the core is generating high-affinity monoclonal antibodies through advanced discovery techniques and antibody engineering.

Another field is viral vector technology which can construct novel viruses for gene therapy and development of vaccines. Viral vectors are the most effective means of gene transfer to modify specific cell types or tissues, and can be manipulated to express therapeutic genes.

AbET’s mission is helping researchers starting from project design, to production of antibody and viral reagents and their validation to meet current requirements for grant applications and publications.

The AbET Core was recognized as the School of Medicine Outstanding Core of the Year for 2016

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: All investigators are asked to acknowledge the AbET Core and support from the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine in any publications citing hybridomas or antibodies engineered and produced, viral vector and protein expression and purification by the core.