Antibody IgG1The Antibody Engineering and Technology (AbET) core is the antibody research core in the School of Medicine and University of Virginia Cancer Center. Our mission is to provide investigators access to current antibody engineering technologies to create the future’s most powerful molecules at the University of Virginia as well as research institutions and biomedical companies outside the University community.

The AbET core provides current technologies and tailored solutions for antibody discovery and antibody engineering for research, development of novel biomarkers, diagnostics and therapeutic development. The main focus of the core is to generate novel high-affinity monoclonal antibodies and provide techniques to engineer antibodies and related molecules.

The AbET core strives to support a wide range of antibody requests. A key component of the AbET core is the ability to explore and develop new state-of- the-art technologies (that facilitate) in the field of antibody generation, engineering, validation Single chain fargment variableand production. AbET core is flexible for investigator-oriented project design and provide all resources to produce higher-quality antibody, provide education and training in research antibody usage and validation practices, this will help improve the quality of research  that  ensure their results are valid and reproducible as well as  accelerate discovery.

The AbET core is integrating new technologies, with an emphasis on  recombinant antibodies.

The AbET Core was recognized as the School of Medicine Outstanding Core of the Year for 2016

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: All investigators are asked to acknowledge the AbET Core and support  from the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine in any publications citing hybridomas or antibodies engineered and produced by the core.