Reserve Cryostorage

Backup Cryogenic Storage of Important Cell Lines

Due to the impact of power outages during inclement weather over the past years, the Antibody Engineering and Technology Core offers liquid nitrogen storage for the preservation of crucial cell lines to the research community. The center has an exceptional history of hybridoma storage and recovery with over 30 years of experience.

Storage in this dedicated cell bank is limited and designed to hold a few vials of each cell line. This service is available only as emergency back up and not as a daily working unit.

The cost of this service is $20/six vials/year.

For more information or to schedule a deposit contact: Sallie Adams by phone at 924-1913 or by email at

Instructions for deposit: Stocks should be frozen in Nunc 1.8ml cryovials ONLY. Human or non-human primate derived cells, or cells that are known to be virally infected, should be noted as BSL2. Any BSL2 stocks transported to or from the Lymphocyte Culture Center must be in BSL2 labeled containers.

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