Before starting a project, contact AbET director Bhupal Ban (,  ph. 434.924.5379) to discuss what will be needed for your project.


Rates as of October 2017

ServiceUniversity of Virginia user feesOutside user fees
Project design$100$161
Construction of bi-specific antibody, whole IgG variants, chimeric antibody$1,200$1,932
Construction of fragment antibody: scFv , Fab$900$1,449
Recombinant antibody production and purification$1,000$1,610
Tag-fusion antibody fragment$1,500$2,415
Antibody affinity maturation$2,800$4,508
Combinatorial antibody libraries$3,300$5,313
Antibody humanization$3,600$5,796
Sequencing of hybridoma cell line$1,000$1,610
Monoclonal antibody supernatant production, 500 ml bioreactor$400$644
Monoclonal antibody supernatant purification, 500 ml$300$483
Monoclonal antibody supernatant production, 1 liter bioreactor$550$886
Monoclonal antibody supernatant purification, 1 liter$450$725
Monoclonal antibody supernatant production, 1.5 liters$650$1,047
Monoclonal antibody supernatant purification, 1.5 liters$550$886
Hybridoma banking, monthly cryostorage, 6 vials per cane$1.10$1.77
Cell culture per hour$100$161
Mouse hybridoma technology, per fusionVaries per fusion, ($4,500 average)Varies per fusion, ($7,100 average)