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Word Cloud Survey

“Thank you all to those of you who participated.  The word cloud exercise was closed as of March 5th, 2014.  We appreciate everyone’s input and we will post results soon!” Form Removed.  Original Text Follows: Hoo Is the UVA School of Medicine?  Think of 5 words that best describe the school and type them in […]

Why do we need a strategy?

“It’s not so easy anymore to be successful, just because you’re here, because you have history.  You have to earn your success.  In order to earn your success you need a strategy.”
Michael E. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence Univ…

Your Brain Can Change the School

They say you cannot change the world. And yet the world changes every day. So who is making these changes? It happens with an individual. You. At our School, you and your colleagues can positively influence your lab, office or clinic. You can help us discover (or create) better ways to accomplish our goals. For […]

Flywheels, Planning & You

Before we go any further, I wanted to say thank you. In response to last week’s missive, “What can you stop doing?” we received many wonderful and thoughtful responses about the work we do here at the School of Medicine and how we go about doing it. (Or in this case, how we should stop […]

What can you stop doing?

Last week we officially kicked off the Academic Strategic Planning process when the steering committee met for the first time. This is an exciting time as we look to the future and plot a course for the School of Medicine. However, with finite resources, efforts must be focused. Our planning cannot merely be adding more […]

The Academic Strategic Planning Process

The School of Medicine is currently embarking upon a 6-month academic strategic planning process. The environment of academic medicine today is volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous. With the changing landscape of healthcare and multiple external pressures on schools of medicine — sequestration, budget cuts at the National Institutes of Health, tuition caps and salary freezes, […]