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What Have You Done Lately That Made You Proud?

The School of Medicine has so many talented people that make a difference everyday. When we asked the question, “What have you done lately that made you proud?” we got some interesting answers: Mohan Nadkarni, MD: “We just finished some strategic planning with the Free Clinic, filling in gaps in care in the community to […]

Diversity and Inclusion in the Academic Strategic Planning

We cannot reach excellence in our three missions without diversity of thought, ethnicity, perspective, and gender. Promoting diversity will have a lasting and positive effect on our School.

Read/Download/Print a PDF copy of the School’s Diversit…

Viva el VIVO & Other Great Ideas

Much of the planning process includes sharing ideas and innovative ways to solve the challenges set before us. The Health Sciences Library proposed a novel idea of using an online system, VIVO, to identify connections and enhance networking among UVA faculty. The University has agreed to support the implementation of this system. In VIVO’s own […]

Emerging Themes & Forward Momentum

Thank you to all who came out to the recent Town Hall meeting. If you were unable to attend, we discussed some of the emerging themes that the Steering Committee has identified based on the plenary retreat and your SWOT analyses. These include: • Collaboration: How do we make it more of a reality, whether […]

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