Bylaws Final for Voting

The School of Medicine bylaws – the adopted rules for the government of the SOM faculty members and the regulation of its affairs – were last revised in 2007. In 2014, they were modified to incorporate administrative changes to reflect title changes.

Here is a  PDF of the bylaws for you to review before voting:
You must vote from the link in your email invitation.

During its accreditation visit last fall, the LCME team stated clearly that our bylaws fell short by failing to align with our reported standing committees. As a result, it was not clear how the dean receives faculty input into decision-making and how the faculty have a voice in guiding our School.

A task force of volunteers was established in May to address the deficiency cited by the LCME. In July, a draft revised set of bylaws was posted for review and comments by those faculty members who, in accordance with current bylaws, are eligible to vote.

The draft revision is almost a complete rewrite of the existing bylaws. The major changes are:

  • Inclusion of introductory statements about our mission and values;
  • A section about general faculty meetings – when they are conducted and how faculty may provide input to the agenda or call for a special meeting;
  • A section about the dean’s role and its associated responsibilities, including reporting lines and the requirement for review;
  • Addition of a section about centers that parallels the section on departments;
  • Inclusion of information about standing committees, including purpose, authority, membership, meetings, and dissemination of minutes; and
  • Expansion of the section of revising the bylaws.

Based on feedback from the online and email comments, the July draft has been revised as follows:

  • Inclusion of a statement regarding the annual review of faculty members, including those with administrative appointments;
  • Deletion of the statement that faculty active in the clinical mission will be appointed to an academic department that corresponds to their specialty training;
  • Inclusion of a statement regarding the term of appointment and review of the dean; and
  • Statement of the minimum number of meetings each department will conduct each year.

These changes are tracked on the revised voting version of the draft for easy identification.

Please note:

  • You may vote only once.
  • Your vote may not be changed.
  • Your vote is both anonymous and confidential.
  • You must use the unique link in the email you received with to cast your vote.
  • The vote will close at 5 PM on Monday, August 24.

The task force has worked hard to ensure it meets the standards set by the LCME. We realize the need for the bylaws to be a living document that reflects the needs of the faculty and have established a standing Bylaws Committee ( It will meet regularly throughout the year to consider additional issues that are identified, and your suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.