Can the internet cure insomnia? (BBC News)

August 26, 2009 by

One out of 10 Britons can’t fall asleep at night. But do new online treatments for insomnia mean a cure is just a few clicks away?

Midnight’s not so bad. Some quick number crunching and you figure you can still get six hours of shut-eye before facing the morning. Two in the morning is a little bleaker. You’re down to four hours – and that’s if sleep comes right away.

At three, those glowing red numbers on the alarm clock seem to be screaming one thing: “You’re not getting more than three hours tonight.”

By four, you’re ready to give up, grab a laptop and while away the remaining hours with some mindless web surfing. But maybe it’s not such a bad idea – that computer screen could just be the solution for insomniacs.