¿La cura para el insomnio en internet? (The cure for insomnia on the internet?) (BBC Science)

August 27, 2009 by sa4fa@virginia.edu

If you suffer from insomnia you will surely have tried everything from hot glass of milk, relaxing bath, herbal tea rate, to counting sheep.

If he has not been lucky, he is not alone. According to experts one in 10 people can not sleep when it is proposed at night.

Now, however, new treatments are emerging that seem to show that a cure for this disorder is near. And the solution seems to be on the internet.

In recent years researchers in the United States have been developing internet-based therapies specifically designed to combat insomnia.

They are treatments, say some studies, that can be as effective as the cognitive behavioral therapy that is currently used – in the presence of the therapist – to relieve the disorder.

“Insomnia is the most common mental problem in the UK and probably around the world,” Dr. Colin Espie, director of the Sleep Center at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, told the BBC.