Student Research Assistant

Our Research Assistants are interested in gaining research experience, often planning to apply for psychology graduate or medical school. RA responsibilities consist of data collection and coding, subject recruitment and follow-up, literature searches, manuscript preparation, and more. During the academic year, student RAs are asked to dedicate 10 hours/week spent here with us at our research offices (560 Ray C Hunt in the Fontaine Research Park) between 9am-5pm for two consecutive semesters. Second and third-year students are particularly encouraged to apply. Summer volunteer opportunities are also typically available. Student RAs usually begin in volunteer positions, and committed students may enroll in PSYC or COGS research credit. Exemplary RAs may be offered a paid position after one year as grant funding permits.

If you’re interested in volunteering with our group, please send your resume/CV and an email expressing your interest to Kelly Shaffer at