Pardo, Jose

October 26, 2017 by

Jose Ortega developed his research work with the Experimental and Applied Analysis of Behavioral Research Group at the University of Almería, Spain, and also at the Spanish Open University, Madrid, where he is enjoying a predoctoral fellowship for the project, “Psychological Assistance through the Internet”; next year, 2010, he will receive his Ph.D. He began his doctoral program researching the emergence of relations and transformation of functions by compound stimuli. During this period he was involved in different projects regarding the implication of verbal process in the extension of psychological suffering, coping with discomfort or pain, and framing all the research work into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Prior to joining the professional research staff of the University of Virginia as Visiting Research Assistant, his work focused on the design and development of an Internet-based CBT-program for fibromyalgia patients. Aside from his research, Jose enjoys reading, drawing caricatures, playing soccer, and dancing salsa.