Roig, Ángel Enrique

October 26, 2017 by

Angel Enrique obtained his degree in psychology in 2012 and was awarded a grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture to join a group specializing in Health Psychology lead by Rafael Ballester, PhD. Here he completed his Internship program in the Psychological Assistance Service of Jaume I University.

In 2013 he was awarded a grant from Jaume I University to complete a doctorate in Positive Psychology in the Laboratorio de Psicologia y Tecnologia (LABPSITEC) lead by Cristina Botella, PhD. Since then, he has been working as a clinician in the Psychological Assistance Service and has collaborated in some research carried out by LABPSITEC (CBT for Chronic Pain, CBT-I for emotional disorders, CBT-I for depression and many others), in addition to teaching some college credits at Jaume I University.

In 2015 he became certified in multidisciplinary treatment of eating disorders and couples’ therapy.

Angel plans to work with BHT from October until the end of December 2015. His main focus will be translating an Insomnia Internet Intervention: SHUTi into Spanish. In summary, his main interests are clinical health psychology and positive psychology.