Brain Immunology and Glia (BIG) Seminar Series 2023-2024

September 7, 2023Leon Coleman, University of North Carolina at Chapel HillNeuroimmune and Metabolic Mechanisms Underlying Alcohol Use Disorder and Alzheimer’s DiseasePinn Hall 1017, 10am-11am
September 21, 2023Wei Cao, UT Health HoustonBrain Interference: Type I Interferon in Neurodegeneration and Brain AgingPinn Hall 1014, 1pm-2pm
October 5, 2023Ashley Moseman, Duke UniversityScents of Danger: What Infections Reveal about Olfactory Immunity and CNS BarriersPinn Hall 1017, 10am-11am
October 19, 2023Robert Hill, Dartmouth CollegeThe Life and Death of an OligodendrocytePinn Hall 1017, 10am-11am
November 9, 2023No BIG Seminar
December 7, 2023Gregory Wu, Washington University at St. LouisCharacterization of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Immune Cell Landscape in Central Nervous System DiseasesPinn Hall 1014, 10am-11am
January 11, 2024No BIG Seminar
February 8, 2024Rejji Kuruvilla, Johns Hopkins UniversityDevelopment and Functions of the Sympathetic Nervous SystemPinn Hall 1014, 10am-11am
February 22, 2024No BIG Seminar
March 7, 2024Lindsay De Biase, University of California, Los AngelesMidbrain Microglia and Selective Neuron VulnerabilityPinn Hall 1014, 10am-11am
May 9, 2024Anusha Mishra, Oregon Health and Science UniversityPinn Hall 1014, 10am-11am