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Apply to the BIMS Graduate Program starting September 1st

  • GREs are no longer considered for admission into our program and applicants will not be requested to submit scores on the application.


  • The online application system will begin accepting applications on September 1, 2022, and we encourage you to apply.
  • The deadline for submission is December 1, 2022, at 11:59PM.


Apply to the BIMS Graduate Program starting September 1st


FAQs for Applicants Impacted by COVID-19

Our admissions committee has developed the following information for prospective applicants regarding concerns related to the impact of COVID on their experiences.
~updated 9/1/21

How will the BIMS program assess the research experience of students whose summer program and/or academic year research was impacted by COVID?

If you missed out on research experience(s) over the summer or during the school year due to COVID-19, please use the optional personal statements in your application to include information about experiences you had scheduled. This would be a good place to tell us if you were committed to attend a summer program that was then cancelled (or you weren’t able to participate for other reasons) and/or had a Spring or Fall research experience planned with an investigator that then didn’t happen because of COVID. If you participated in some virtual or other alternative activities with an investigator with whom you had planned to work, please discuss this in your application and consider asking that individual to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. In addition, if your research experience was limited due to the pandemic, please include information about your experiences with the laboratory components of classes that you have taken. It will be very important that one or more of your letters come from individual(s) who have worked with you in a research context, even if that experience was from your first, second, or third year. Please keep this in mind when identifying those who will provide your letters of recommendation. When requesting your letters of recommendation, please ask that they speak to your drive, motivation and scientific curiosity, particularly in the time of COVID.

My institution chose universal Pass/Fail (or Credit/No Credit) grading for Spring and/or Fall 2020, and/or Spring 2021. How will BIMS assess my academic preparation?

Many institutions (including the University of Virginia) made the decision to move away from graded coursework in the Spring 2020 semester, and continued the practice into the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Many applicants may have taken courses those semesters that are core to their degree program and/or that are central to their future interests. Please use the optional personal statement to address your experience any of these courses. In addition, if one or more of those who will be providing your letters of recommendation is well-positioned to comment on your engagement with and/or performance in these courses, please ask them to do so.

I faced other significant hardships during the COVID response. Is there an opportunity to share this with the admissions committee?

If you encountered particular challenges during the COVID pandemic that may have affected your academic performance or research experiences, please use the optional personal statement as an opportunity to share any information that you feel may be helpful to our admissions committee as they evaluate your application. This information will not be shared beyond those faculty and staff who read and evaluate applications.

How can I Iearn more about how the University of Virginia is responding to COVID?

We encourage you to follow the news on UVAToday and our School of Medicine homepage. In addition, please follow our BIMS program on social media using the info from our website. If you have questions that were not addressed above, please reach out to us at

How will BIMS be conducting interviews for the coming admissions season?

Our admissions group is monitoring the ever-changing public health landscape – currently being impacted by the Delta variant – and have not yet made a decision regarding in-person interview visits that would begin in early January 2022. We will update this space as the Fall semester progresses (9/1/21).

Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission to the BIMS Graduate Programs are rigorous, as it is our goal to recruit the very best students who will go on to be leading scientists in academia, industry, and other areas. All applicants should have earned or should be in the process of earning an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution. Although strong weighting is given to a student’s grade point average, the most important criterion for admission is a student’s passion and commitment for research and aspiration for a professional career conducting pioneering biomedical research.

The application form must be completed online. The following materials must accompany the application in order for it to be considered complete.

Please Read Before You Begin The Application Process

Make note of any differential between your time zone and the Eastern time zone on which our application deadline is based and allow ample time in advance of the deadline for uploading materials and submitting your application. Any number of unforeseen circumstances affecting electronic, web-based access to the online application system could cause the application process to take longer than anticipated and lead you to miss the deadline. Once the application system closes after 11:59pm Eastern time, you will not be able to submit your application, even if you initiated completion of the application prior to the deadline.

Application review will begin in mid-November, so early applications are highly encouraged. After review of the application, competitive applicants will be invited by one of our Admission Committee Chairs for an expense-paid interview and recruiting visit. The applicant’s choice of research interests, as indicated by selection of up to three research interests on the online application, will be used to coordinate interviews with faculty from the BIMS Graduate Group.

If you have questions about the BIMS Graduate Programs during the admission process, please feel free to contact If you have questions about the online application or admission requirements, please contact