2019 Hook Scholars

Hook Scholars, 2019

The Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities’ 2019 Hook Scholars are Lydia Prokosch, Brigette Torrise, and Adrienne Doebrich.  Their projects for the summer of 2019 are described below.

Lydia Prokosch. Using her prior training in art, Lydia will capture in a series of painted visual images selected interior and exterior UVA Medical Center sites while also researching institutional history in the context of present-day social and cultural changes affecting both the health system and the local community. This visual arts-based research effort to record the hospital past and present is also part of the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities’ ongoing Time Capsules project. The resulting collection of paintings and accompanying write-ups will provide historical perspectives that can be used strategically to enrich medical student education.  Lydia will be mentored by Marcia D. Childress, director of the programs in humanities in the Center.

Brigette Torrise.  This summer Brigette will design, research, arrange for, produce, and (post production) assess one or two educational programs on current topics of interest to medicine and society. The programming Brigette develops will be offered during academic year 2019-2020 and will be multidisciplinary in content and appeal and intended for a mixed, multidisciplinary and interprofessional audience. Programming may include a Medical Center Hour to be presented in fall 2019, with a guest speaker whose visit to UVA will entail additional educational activities with medical student.  Brigette will also be mentored by Marcia D. Childress.

Adrienne Doebrich.  Adrienne’s summer project will involve a literature review highlighting the evolution of disability ethics, specifically how bioethics research has shaped the language surrounding disability and the implications this language carries in the presentation of a diagnosis to a patient. Attendance at hospital ethics consults meetings and observation in the NICU will provide a clinical lens into the difficult physician-patient conversations at the focus of this research. This project is aimed towards a submission to the Virginia Journal of Bioethics and development of a fourth year independent research project.  Adrienne will be mentored by Center faculty members Mary Faith Marshall and Lois Shepherd.