Faculty and Scholars

Mary Faith Marshall – Mary Faith Marshall, Ph.D., FCCM is  Kornfeld Professor and Director of the Program in Biomedical Ethics at the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities. She is Professor of Public Health Sciences in the School of Medicine and Professor of Nursing in the School of Nursing.  She serves on the Ethics Committee and the Ethics Consult Service of the Medical Center and is involved in teaching, clinical service, and scholarship in a wide array of issues in bioethics. Click here for a full bio.




Lois Shepherd – Lois Shepherd is an expert in the fields of health law and bioethics. She joined the faculty of the University of Virginia in 2008, with a primary appointment in the School of Medicine’s Department of Public Health Sciences and a secondary appointment in the School of Law.  She is based in the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities, where she directs the Center’s programs in medicine and law. Click here for a full bio.




Julia Taylor – Julia Taylor, MD, MA is a pediatrician and bioethicist who specializes in adolescent and young adult health. Her research interests include ethical aspects of fertility preservation in children with cancer and transgender adolescents. She is a member of the UVA Health Sciences Center’s Ethics Committee and its Ethics and Moral Distress consult services.