Catalogs of Histology and Pathology Virtual Slides

A freely accessible public domain Virtual Slidebox of Histology and Pathology slides is available at:

University of Virginia database of Virtual Slides:

The University of Virginia has a database of histology and pathology Virtual Slides housed within the School of Medicine’s Multimedia Database (MMDB). To find Virtual Slides on a particular topic:

  • 1. Go to:
  • 2. Go to the drop-down menu entitled “High Resolution File Types” at the lower middle of the screen.
  • 3.  Scroll down and click on “svs
  • 4.  Under “Display 25 matches per page”, switch this to “100
  • 5.  At the top of the page, enter a search term of your choosing (such as “kidney”)
  • 6.  Click on the “Search” button.
  • 7.  To select a particular Virtual Slide for viewing, click on the “High Resolution” link. The slide will open in the mScope web viewer.