Other Activities

A virtual meeting using a notebook computer

Collaborative Research Beyond UVA

The rarity of orphan blood cancers means that clinicians and researchers treating and researching them are often geographically dispersed and working independently. TOBCRI is working to establish critical research collaborations to advance the science and translate discoveries into therapies. These activities will utilize diverse animal models of T cell leukemia/lymphoma to demonstrate the efficacy of our new therapeutics and support their progression to clinical studies.

Academic lecture in an auditorium

Orphan Blood Cancer Lecture Series

Guest lectures provide cancer researchers critical opportunities to learn about peers’ work and findings, as well as to establish and foster the collaboration that is of particular importance investigating rare blood cancers. TOBCRI is working to establish a lecture series to bring scholars together toward developing the next generation of treatments.

Travel Grants for Clinical Trials

Many patients’ distance from institutions researching orphan blood cancers can result in substantial travel costs for those seeking to enroll in promising clinical trials. Even worse, those travel costs may cause a patient to forego enrollment. TOBCRI has established a fund to offset clinical trial participants’ travel and hotel costs and provide a daily subsidy for meals. To learn more about how to access these funds, please email uvacancertrials@virginia.edu.