Mary Kate Horak

July 7, 2021 by

Age is the main risk factor for severe diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and neurodegeneration. Thus, interventions that delay aging could also delay the onset of age-related diseases. A few interventions are known to extend healthspan and lifespan across organisms, including caloric restriction. However, the cellular components and mechanisms that ultimate improve health and increase lifespan in these longevity models remain to be elucidated.
Our lab identified a metabolic enzyme necessary to promote health and lifespan across longevity models. Further, its sole activation causes improved health and longevity. Thus, this enzyme holds the secret to living healthier for longer. My work then aims to define how this enzyme can so dramatically improve health outcomes and extend lifespan, so that maybe one day we can chemically manipulate it to die on the dance floor at age 90.