Yu Lab

August 18, 2015 by School of Medicine Webmaster

The Yu laboratory is interested in molecular and cellular mechanisms governing mammalian kidney development. In particular, our research focuses on two areas: 1) formation of the epithelial and vascular components of the renal medulla compartment and 2) the role of miRNAs in kidney development.

In the first research area, we demonstrated a central role of Wnt7b signaling from the non-branching ureteric trunk epithelium (the precursors of the renal collecting ducts), and p57Kip2, a gene implicated in the human Beckwith-Wiedeman syndrome and IMAGe syndrome and expressed in a subset of renal capillary mural cells, in the morphogenesis and development of the medullary collecting ducts, the loops of Henle, and the vasculature.

In the second research area, we uncovered a critical role of miRNAs in the control of the precursor vs differentiated cell fate of the ureteric bud epithelium, and self-renewal of nephron progenitors. These findings and the follow-up work should assist (re)generating nephrons and renal collecting ducts.