SOM Clinical Trials Office


The CTO offers a variety of services including CRC mentoring, protocol development and preparation, continuing education, monitoring, and quality assurance. These consulting services are made available to SOM investigators and coordinators to promote the smooth and efficient conduct of their research studies.



COMING SOON – Clinical Trials Unit

The School of Medicine is committed to offering investigators the support they need to conduct high-quality, human subject  research. Watch this space as we develop a centralized and full-service infrastructure so that clinical research can be conducted in a methodologically sound, compliant, efficient, and cost-effective manner.


The School of Medicine CTO Office has been developing the newest version of CRConnect and have worked diligently to provide a more efficient and streamlined study start-up process. Here are some of the notable enhancements our team has made to the application:

  • Studies are inputted into Protocol Builder first and it will automatically transfer to CRConnect 2.0.
  • All personnel information is pulled automatically into CRConnect 2.0 and you can adjust notifications accordingly.
  • If you need to edit a certain step, you have the ability to “Start Over” and make your edits without having to reach out to support to re-open a step.
  • DocuSign is no longer used, the approvals are done within the system and documents are auto-generated with the approval.
  • Studies are broken out into categories based on where they are in the study process. This can be seen on the main dashboard of your account.
  • You can easily access all uploaded documents using the drawer on the side of the webpage.

We are very excited to bring this newest version of CRConnect to the School of Medicine and will provide details on the implementation plan once it is completed.


As of July 1, 2023, the University of Virginia will implement a new fee structure for industry-sponsored clinical trials requiring full board IRB review.  This new fee structure applies to all studies for which the Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) is executed on or after July 1, 2023.


Available Services

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Continuing Education

Working with the Virginia Nurses’ Association to provide contact hours, the CTO offers training and education focusing on the various aspects of clinical trials. This education is designed to keep CRCs and PIs abreast of current trends in the conduct of clinical trials.
Contact hours are provided for:

  • Annual continuing education series
  • External audio conferences (certificates of attendance)

See more in the Education and Mentoring section.

CRC Resource Guide

This resource guide was developed by the Clinical Trials Office to help navigate some of the many resources available to our clinical research staff.  While this guide contains a great deal of information, it is not a complete inventory of resources.  We encourage you to return to this guide over time as content is updated in efforts to keep the information current.

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