Radiation Safety


The goals of the radiation safety program are:

  • to ensure that use of radioactive material is properly managed,
  • to provide for the safety of the user and the environment, and
  • to be responsive to the needs of the University and the individual user.

The radiation safety program’s primary objectives are to protect personnel and the general public from unwarranted radiation exposure, protect the environment by minimizing release of radioactive material in effluents, ensure compliance with all applicable State and Federal regulations and to monitor and advise in the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment at the University of Virginia.


The radiation safety program is responsible for virtually all operational aspects of radiation safety at the University of Virginia.

These responsibilities include:

  • training personnel in the safe use of radioactive material
  • administering the personnel and environmental dosimetry program
  • procurement of all radioactive material
  • shipment and receipt of all radioactive material for the University
  • collecting, packaging, and disposing of all radioactive waste
  • performing routine laboratory inspections
  • commissioning and decommissioning of all radioactive material use areas
  • emergency response
  • provides information and advice to individuals who have questions about radiation
  • calibration of radiation survey instruments

The radiation safety program is managed by the Radiation Safety Officer. The Radiation Safety Officer is a member of the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) and reports directly to the President of the University.