Scheduling a Subject

Scheduling a Subject

Clinical Research Unit Subject Scheduling Request Instructions and Request Form:

  • Please use the below form to schedule visits conducted on the CRU located on Collins 3 or off-unit (i.e., Exercise Physiology Core lab (EPCL), ECCC, or any other study location – please specify).
  • Send the completed request form to For outpatient visits: if sending a last-minute request, PLEASE send /call request to the unit no later than 14:00 the day prior to the requested visit.
  • Be sure you have received an email confirmation of your request.  Subjects are not considered scheduled until you have received this confirmation.
  • Scheduling for procedures that require use of the Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory (EPCL) or EPCL staff (located on Collins 2) must be scheduled directly with the EPCL at  Please contact Shannon Slovensky at 982-3180, to confirm availability, prior to scheduling your subjects with CRU.
  • When scheduling the visit, please contact Theresa Zanetti at regarding any protocol-specific dietary requirements for that subject/visit to ensure that the dietary resources will be available. Please include any know allergies, including food allergies. 

*The form may be used to schedule 1 subject for 3+ visits at a time.*

Notifying Full-time and PRN Staff of Unit Closure / Study Cancellation:

When PRN staff are scheduled for a study, the study team member who initiated the scheduling request will be forwarded a copy of the prn schedule.

If a study is cancelled during regular business hours, the SOM CTO will be notified by either the study team or the CRU staff, and will notify the prn staff.

If a subject does not show up for their overnight visit, a staff member who is on the unit should call the subject and/or the CRC.  If determined that this visit is to be cancelled – the CRU staff member will call the rest of the prns/full-time staff, as appropriate, and document on the study visit flowsheet.

If the study team decides to cancel a scheduled visit during off hours (after normal business hours, weekends, holidays) due to an unforeseen event such as inclement weather; the study team will notify all appropriate personnel by responding to the email they received at the time the visit was scheduled.

Please remember to hit “reply to all”.

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