2019 39th McLemore Birdsong Pediatric Conference


Agenda | Disclosure

Friday, April 12th 

7:50-8:20am Updates in Pediatric Hospital Medicine | Joanne Mendoza, MD
8:20-8:50am Anemia Screening and Management |  Colleen Druzgal, MD
9:00-9:30am Common Ophthalmologic Conditions | Christian Carter, MD
9:30-9:50am Caring for the Immigrant Population, & Food Insecurity Sandy Chung, MD
10:10-10:40am Cerebral Palsy for the PCP |  Richard Stevenson, MD
10:40-11:10am Managing: Endless Adolescence | C. Allen, JD, PhD & J, Allen, PhD
11:10-12:00pm Treatment for Suspected Child Maltreatment |  Michelle Clayton, MD

12:10-1:00pm WORKSHOP #1
1. Detecting and Managing Anemia
2. Recognizing and Managing Ophthalmologic Concerns
3. The Pediatrician as Child Health Advocate
4. Cerebral Palsy for the PCP Case Discussions
5. Endless Adolescence Workshop
6. Recognition and Management of Child Abuse Cases

Saturday, April 13th 

7:50-8:20am State of the Art Seizure Management | J. Nicholas Brenton, MD
8:20-8:50am The “Ins and Outs” of Sports Physicals |  B. Kent Diduch, MD
9:45-10:35am Office Management of Peds Concussions |  Donna Broshek, PhD

10:55-11:45am WORKSHOP #2
7. Tracheostomy & Gastrostomy Care Cases
8. Pediatric Concussion
9. Providing Care & Support in the LGBTQ Population
10. Hands on Sports Physical Practice
11. Pediatric Seizure Scenarios
12. Interpreting Pediatric EKG’s

12-12:45pm Supporting Children Who Come Out | Mary Sullivan, MEd
12:45-1:20pm Lice, Scabies, and Bedbugs | Gregory Hayden, MD

Sunday April 14th 

8:00-8:50am WORKSHOP #3
13. Pediatric Concussion
14. Frontline Musculoskeletal Complaints in Pediatrics
15. Providing Care & Support in the LGBTQ Population
16. (canceled)
17. Newborn Screening Cases
18. Pediatric Infectious Disease Cases

9:05-9:35am Top Ten Pediatric Articles of the Year | Rachel Moon, MD
9:50-10:20am Abnormal Newborn Screen Results | Jennifer Humberson, MD
10:20-10:50am Lyme Disease in Children | Debbie-Ann Shirley, MD
10:50-11:40am Obesity Specialist Wishes  | Holly Wyatt, MD

11:45-12:35pm WORKSHOP #4
19. Frontline Musculoskeletal Complaints in Pediatrics
20. Pediatric Surgical Cases
21. Newborn Screening Cases
22. Pediatric Infectious Disease Cases
23. Interpreting Pediatric EKG’s
24. Obesity Management Strategies