2019 58th Annual Swineford Allergy Conference


Agenda | Disclosure

Friday April 5th 

9:00     Food component IgE assay in the diagnosis & management | T. Platts-Mills, MD
9:45      Developmental disorders and allergic disease in the United States | J. Sohn, MD
10:30    Do mechanisms of degranulation of eosinophils explain the impact  | L. Spencer, PhD
11:15     Mast Cell activation syndromes | C. Akin, MD, PhD
1:30      Understanding the relevance of school exposure to asthma in children | W. Phipatanakul, MD
2:15      Clinical and immunological investigations into the Alpha-Gal Syndrome | M. Gupta, MD
3:00     Mechanisms mediating severe asthma in childhood |  S. Saglani, MD
3:45      Infant allergic proctocolitis may teach us about how we learn to eat | W. Shreffler, MD, PhD

Saturday April 6th 

8:50      The epidemiology of asthma | D. Harris, MD
9:30      The medical significance of lymphatics in the brain | A. Louveau, PhD
10:40    The Continuing saga of anaphylaxis in Memphis | J. Lieberman, MD
11:25     The uses of Dupilimab |  E. McGowan, MD, PhD