PCEP Instructions

The PCEP online testing system includes two activities:

  1. Practice Unit Tests
  2. Book Exam AND Certificate

Individual practice unit tests can be completed as many times as desired, and no fee is required to complete the practice unit tests.  It is expected that the participant will have completed the unit pretests, read through the unit material and completed all activities in the unit, as well as the practice unit tests prior to attempting the book exam.

Book exams include all test items from the units in the book.  Successful completion of the book exam at 80% correct is required to receive the hours of participation for the book.  A certificate is available to be printed after successful completion of each book exam and must be printed at that time by choosing Display Certificate.  There are four book exams, one for each book of the PCEP program.  All or selected book exams can be completed, according to the preference of the participant.

NOTE: Please do not pay for or start an exam unless you have time to complete and submit it.  You must complete all practice unit tests and book exams in one session. Learners cannot save their work or suspend progress. Use Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (version 9 and higher), if a different browser is used we cannot guarantee the validity of scores. 

If you have questions please email Terri Ellison.