How to Plan a CME Educational Activity

Credit for a Program You Wish to Present

The Office of Continuing Medical Education is responsible for the development and implementation of CME activities that are approved for AMA Category 1 credit. The staff in the CME office areĀ  knowledgeable about the required educational, financial and logistic processes required for the development of CME activities. If you have an idea for a CME project, please contact Tammy Rogers in the CME office at 982-0113 to schedule an appointment with Jann Balmer RN, Ph.D., Director of Continuing Medical Education. This initial meeting serves as the starting point for idea development and planning.

The initial meeting with the Director for CME involves a review of the Essential Areas, Elements and Standards described by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). The ACCME is the national accrediting organization for CME programs that designate AMA Category 1 credit. The required educational processes include:

  • Identification of the potential target audience

  • Documentation of learning needs for this population

  • Ideas for developing educational activities or projects to meet these identified needs

  • List of interested faculty/staff who can serve on a planning committee or as faculty for the activity

  • Potential financial resources to support the development of this idea