Tissue Culture Facility-Molmart description

The Tissue Culture Facility-Molmart core provides mycoplasma testing, baculovirus titer measurements, growing of cultured cells and cell storage services. In addition, the Facility trains users in cell culture techniques and provides sterile hood facilities for users. Major equipment includes two biosafety cabinets; three microscopes with one photo documentation system; two CO2 incubators and two incubators for insect cell lines; cold storage facilities consisting of a liquid nitrogen freezer, cryogenic storage Dewars, ultra low freezer, five -15° C freezers and 4 refrigerators. The Molmart portion of the core stocks cell culture reagents, molecular biology reagents, precast gels, common laboratory reagents and supplies from a central location. Special orders of less frequently used items are available from most Molmart vendors.  This self-service facility, with a web based catalog, enables researchers to pick up supplies immediately. The core is centrally located in two rooms in Pinn Hall with easy access for most researchers in the School of Medicine.